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Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Flashback

From June 2002:

Face the Fire by Nora Roberts. Contemporary paranormal romance.

Well, this one was long-awaited! FYI, for those of you who haven't heard yet, we won't have to wait like this next time Nora writes a trilogy---next year's trilogy will be out in successive months.

Whew! That ending was a cliffhanger. Literally!

Someone mentioned to me elsewhere that the three books seemed more like one long book, and I have to agree. All three heroines figure prominently in all three books, unlike the usual brief mention. If (when?) this trilogy gets reprinted in a 3-in-1 volume, it'll work out nicely. Not that the individual stories weren't complete, but they're more complete together. Am I digging myself into a hole here?

I really liked that Sam was a witch himself. I think Mia needed someone with magic because magic was so much a part of her life, more than it was with Ripley or Nell. She needed to be able to share that part of herself.

The separation seems to be the biggest bone of contention among readers. I think Sam was wrong in the way he left her, but I also think it was necessary for both of them. Neither of them would have reached their full potential if he'd stayed & they'd gone on the way they were. Reminds me, frustratingly, of a teenage daughter who tends to blow of studying in favor of talking on the phone with a boyfriend.

I'm cutting Sam some slack, though, because they were both so young. I certainly hope nobody's still blaming me for mistakes I made when I was a teenager.

And I'm betting I'm not alone in liking that love scene where Sam uses magic.
You can read the entire thread here.

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