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Thursday, July 10, 2008

TT #107

Google Needs Meme Times Thirteen

You should all know how this one works by now: Go to Google, type in your name followed by almost any verb, copy the first ten that pop up and add your own commentary. According to Google, here's what Darla Needs…
  1. Darla needs a foster home one that will be her final home for the time she has left.
    Yikes. What do they know that I don't know?

  2. Darla needs to catch the cow in the neighbouring field vs driving way the hell to MacDonalds.
    Um, okay. I've seen sheep in the neighboring field, but no cows. Would a sheep do?

    ALL RIGHT! Geez. Don't beg.

  4. Darla needs a second chance now or this sweet affectionate girl just won’t make it.
    *makes innocent, pitiful face*

  5. Darla needs to pay the greatest adjustment to the job class which has the lowest job rate.
    Exactly. Whatever you say. I just love bureaucratese.

  6. Darla needs a furrier coat.
    Ahh... So that's why Diva was lying on my coat when it fell on the floor.

  7. Darla needs to really think about what's right and what's wrong in this situation.
    *hangs head in shame*

  8. Darla needs to make a tiny change in her own life, something to get Max's attention again.
    Oooh! I know what this is talking about: Crazy for You by Jennifer Crusie!

  9. Darla needs to bite some chumps.
    Damn straight.

  10. Darla needs all the help that she can get and she deserves it, big time.
    Yes. Yes, I do.

  11. Darla needs 7 sets of corner flags for Districts.
    Well, I can't have my Districts being flagless, now, can I?

  12. Darla needs a furrier coat.
    This one isn't too difficult--I can just put my coat on the floor, and Diva will take care of that in no time.

  13. Darla needs to know what's going on.
    Don't we all?

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Hehe...thanks for the good laugh, Darla! :D
Darla, you know that I love ya, right?...but I truly agree with number 3 - You DO NEED to come back! LOL! Thanks for the crazy laugh on today TTs ;)
I love those.

You DO know that #6 and 12 are the same, right? Man, you must have some naked coats if you need TWO furrier ones...
Apparently I need a cold shower and a dose of self esteem.

Happy TT.
I doed it!
Haha, I always like these lists, make me smile! :-)
I love "DARLA NEED TO COME BACK HOME" ahahahahahaha... boy I bet you feel like that now!
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