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Thursday, July 03, 2008

TT #106

Thirteen Things I'm Looking Forward To When We Visit San Antonio

We'll be spending a month at our house in San Antonio to get Curran settled after we move.
  1. Dagny. We talk on the phone a lot, but I haven't seen her since January.

  2. Burnsie.

  3. Sage.

  4. Taco Cabana.

  5. Arby's.

  6. Casey's BBQ. (wonder how much of their BBQ sauce I can fit in my luggage to bring back?)

  7. the flea market

  8. Martini's

  9. the River Walk

  10. the zoo. We'll probably be getting Dagny and Curran zoo passes as part of their graduation presents.

  11. being able to find the things on my long shopping list--from school clothes to spices--and not having to pay nearly double for them.

  12. visiting old friends.

  13. My house.

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Hey Darla - maybe someday we meet again *grin*....I hope your month stay in San Antonio will be fun one!

Not doing TTs this week, computer problem *sigh*....
Have fun at San Antonio! :D
Have a great trip. :)
hope you have a great time--i remember the river walk from my visit there (and who doesn't love arby's???)
All good things to be looking forward to, especially Dagny and the pets. And the barbecue sauce -- I totally understand. Have you been around long enough to be in on the whole Bodacious Sauce thing at my blog?

You know, it's summer. I should revive it.
Enjoy your trip. I've never been. Happy TT.
Back in Sacramento, I went to a flea market called Denio's once -- as my friend, a regular who haunted the stalls and aisles every Saturday liked to say, it was an experience where you could buy just about anything short of small children. We've got something similar in San Diego, but it wasn't quite as satisfying as that first trip to Denio's.
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