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Thursday, June 26, 2008

TT #105

Thirteen Things I Love About Moving

If you haven't been around here lately, we're moving from Miesau to Heidelberg. To keep from getting terribly stressed out about it, I'm taking a page from On a Limb With Claudia and looking on the bright side:
  1. It's a great chance to find things you've lost... at least for a few minutes before they disappear into boxes again.

  2. It's the only time I clean under my furniture.

  3. It's a good excuse to clean out the closets and get rid of all those clothes I'll never wear again.

  4. It's a good exercise in losing your self-consciousness--allowing complete strangers to go through everything, like the stash of erotica under the bed.

  5. We get rid of the carnivorous dust bunnies before they're too deadly of a threat.

  6. It's a good exercise in not being too attached to things. Once your stuff is on that truck, it's out of your hands, and you may not see it again.

  7. The time period between when everything is packed up and when it's delivered to the new house, when we're living in an empty house and sleeping on air mattresses is kind of like camping. And camping is a vacation sort of thing, right? So it's like taking a vacation.

  8. Hunky movers.

  9. Unpacking boxes in the new house is like opening Christmas presents.... Lots and lots of Christmas presents... including quite a few from that crazy aunt who always sends something nobody wants, and some others from that cheapskate friend who's always regifting.

  10. It provides plenty of opportunities to practice tact and patience.

  11. Empty houses make great echo chambers.

  12. Lots of time to read while the computer's unplugged and I'm trying to keep out of the way of the movers.

  13. It's a great chance to make a new start.

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I love that button! And I agree moving is a great chance of finding things; that's why I don't mind organizing my things once in a blue moon because you'll be surprised at the things that'll turn up, hehe...
Happy T13! This list is pretty cool. Hope to see you at my 7th edition about Charlaine Harris.
That is a great way to look at things :) Claudia is awesome eh!

Best wishes for you move :)

Happy TT, and thanks so much for stopping by :)
That should read best wishes for _your_ move :)

Happy TT
I like your thinking. Moving is great to get those dust bunnies back in line and to find things. Good luck with your move. I feel for you. It's a lot of work.
Great attitude. I agree that it is a great lesson is not being attached to things, also a great opportunity to de-clutter.

Hope your move goes well.

My list is up: http://www.jewellerybyerin.com/?p=197
Good luck with the move.
THERE's the attitude, my friend! Keep your chin up and those hunky moving men in view and all will be well. Mostly.

Here's hoping it continues to go smoothly.
cool list moving is such a pain
YEP - I would love to see hunky movers..would you mind bring them this way? *grin*. It always good to clean out the old house and throw away stuff that you won't need/use anymore. Good way to leave your new house less clutter this way and add new stuff in :)

I wish you luck in your move! By the way, you are tagged again! This time "One Word Meme"...have a good weekend!
LOL! Great TT!


My TT is at http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com
I'll try to keep your positive outlook in mind when I move at end of July. A month away and I'm already tired of packing and going through stuff!

Hope you have a good weekend!
moving is NOT my friend. i did it 3 times last year. not fun.

good for you I have heard it said you should clean once a year like you are moving i did it once i wish i could do it i have not moved in 20 years so well
#5 cracked me up. Last time we moved our movers were definitely not hunky. I feel gypped.
Thanks, Melody! I like the way this header turned out, too.

Sue, I always enjoy reading what Claudia has to say. :)

Julia, I knew you'd be asking about the hunky moving men, so I made sure to pay attention.

Heather, you have my sympathy. Good luck with your move.

SBAB: THREE times?? No, that couldn't have been fun. How did you stay sane?

Thanks everyone for the good wishes.
yay, my first Thursday Thirteen!!!

Come check me out...
Robin, only one of the movers was what I'd call hunky--though I had to think back to make sure. :)
Oh gosh, (blushing) Sue said I was awesome... then you said you read what I have to say... gosh... I might have to lie down. That's a lot of stimulation for a middle child in the middle of primary family non-blogable chaos. Thanks to you both! :)

Erm... back to you.

You are so on this Darla. I know moving sucks, but I also know that it's going to be so easy. You'll be telling us how you love your new home, nice people, the kids love school etc. I just know this is true.

Trust me.

And breath a bit

You're doing this for love. Why wouldn't it work?
I think I've got a few of those carnivorous dust bunnies around my place, too...
*chuckle* Should I be scare that you KNOW me so well? lol
LMAO to #4. My sister had my oldest son help her move a while back. Well, when they lifted up her bed...needless to say, she had a little something for those long nights alone. She picked it up so quickly and said, "How did that get under there???"...my son was 17 and not stupid. He told me..."Like I didnt know what it was Mom. Aunt Debbie is a crack up"...thanks for the giggle. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.
Oh yeah. Hunky movers. That makes it all worth while. I've only ever had hot movers once. It was the most painless move I ever had.

Now you've got me singing, "Always look on the bright side of life, whistle, whistle, whistle." :-) Good luck with your move!
Hmm... I don't know about the whole unpacking thing been fun though. Heh!
Claudia, face it--you have a fan club. :)

LOL, Lori! That's a great story. I did make sure to clean out the nightstand drawer before the movers came.

Janet, that's the perfect song for moving. :)
Good for you!!!! I didn't realize you were in the midst of that. I hope you find tons of treasures, have a smooth move and get to settle into your new digs in record time.
I'll be thinking about you.
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