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Thursday, June 19, 2008

TT #104

Thirteen Things I Will Miss About Living Here

If you haven't been around here lately, we're moving from Miesau to Heidelberg.
  1. The back yard. (in the header)

  2. The walking paths and farm roads that go right past our back yard.

  3. The view. (in the header)

  4. The Edeka a 2-minute walk away.

  5. The cherry tree. (also in the header)

  6. My reading nook.

  7. The balcony.

  8. Carl's 10-minute drive to work.

  9. The Ohmbachsee.

  10. The Tierpark.

  11. Setting off fireworks out back on New Year's Eve, and seeing the fireworks from 3 towns across the meadow.

  12. The Auto-Kino (drive-in theater), though that closed last fall.

  13. The boys' friends that live nearby.

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Darla, I know how sad it is if one has to leave a place he/she has been staying for some time, but I'm sure you'll find other good things about your new place too! I hope you'll share them with us once you've settled down nicely... Here's wishing you a safe & smooth move! :)
Happ T13! I love the list and I'm sorry that you're so sad about moving but I'm sure once you get really settled in your new place it won't be so bad. Hope to see you at my 6th edition about Laurell K. Hamilton at Talk About My Favorite Authors blog.
I see why you miss it. I would too. :)
Oh Darla, you give so much to make your relationship and family work. ((hug)) I know the move is hard and awful but I also know you'll be telling us wonderful things about the new place. Why? Because that's who you are.

Carl is a lucky, lucky man.
Best wishes for your move, and cheers to new adventures, and places to discover ahead!

I did check out the link for the Ohmbachsee and it does look lovely :)

Happy TT and thank you for stopping by :)
Gah! I've said it before but it bears repeating... you have the BEST photos Darla! Happy TT!
It looks absolutely beautiful there but im sure you will find something to love at the new place too:) Thanks for stopping by...happy TT.
Cheer up....there are beautiful things everywhere you go:) You just have to find them. Happy TT my friend and thanks for stopping by.
You've got to show me how you put your personal pictures into the header and then managed to put the word Thursday Thirteen across it. That neat!

The pictures of the header, sure does look very nice and beautiful out there. I can see why you going to miss it. But I'm sure there be nice things waiting for you to discover and go on to new adventures at your new home. Have a safe trip on your moving! *smooches*
That yard IS killer. I already miss it and it's not mine to miss!

There will be other surprises in the new place, I'm sure. I can't wait to hear what they are, and if I feel this way, I can't imagine the emotions you're feeling.

Hang in there. I hope it all goes smoothly.
Moving is poignant. But, whenever you start to miss these 13 things, think back to the 13 things you posted last week that you will NOT miss. :)
I know it's sad to move ... hopefully where you're moving to, you'll discover more interesting places :-)
That's so many things to miss! I would miss a reading nook if it looked like that too.
What Erin said - remember that for all the things that make you sad to move, there are an equal number of things that make you look forward to moving. Here's to many fun adventures in the new place!
what a beautiful place...here's to hoping you find things to love just as much in your new home.

btw, i tagged you for a meme :)
To everyone with condolences: see my list from last week. :) It was easier coming up with things I won't miss than things I will. This was more on the order of reminding myself of the good memories I'll have.

LOL, Claudia! I tell him that all the time. :)

Julia, I've just been using Paint. Extremely uncomplicated.
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