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Thursday, June 12, 2008

TT #103

Thirteen Things I Will Not Miss About This House

If you've been around here lately, you'll know we're moving shortly from Miesau to Heidelberg. The house in the header is the one we're moving from.

  1. The Tiny Kitchen™.

  2. Washing dishes by hand because there's no dishwasher.

  3. Having the washer and dryer in the main bathroom.

  4. Having a Very Small washer and dryer that each take two hours per load. Four hours is an awfully long time to end up with only 3 pairs of jeans and 3 T-shirts clean and dry, especially with two teenage boys in the house.

  5. The living room that's smaller than the dining room and not big enough for our whole family to sit in comfortably, much less inviting guests.

  6. Small flimsy shower stall.

  7. Bathtub you can't also shower in.

  8. No closets.

  9. Kids' rooms that are small and ultra-small.

  10. The dining room windows that don't fit right, so you can't open them in summer, yet in winter you have to stuff towels in the cracks so you don't freeze.

  11. The neighbors' wood-fire-fueled water heater that puts out nasty brown smoke that fills our house and makes everything stink.

  12. The same neighbors' late-night parties with the very loud music--either bad pop music from the 50s or Heimatlieder which they sing along with, loudly, past midnight.

  13. The master bedroom that's open to the downstairs, so that you can hear every little sound from downstairs in the bedroom, and every little sound from the bedroom downstairs. Puts a bit of a crimp in the sex life, let me tell you.

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I never knew you had this much problem with that old house -- aren't you glad you moving to a new one! Gonna miss ya while you're busy moving :)

Love the house header, it look pretty nice. Is it lot bigger inside?
Sorry to hear about the house, but I'm glad you're moving into a much better one!
LOL, Julia--NO! It's not bigger inside. Being too small is one of the biggest problems with it. :-)
Best wishes with your move! The kitchen looks like my own galley-style kitchen which also is just way too small!

My TT is here

Thanks so much for stopping by!
What a great TT! I'd love to write a list like this about my house, but I'm not moving so. . . I guess I'll wait. Good luck with your move.
it's a cute house on the outside, though!

Congrats on the move, hope the next house is more accommodating. Good luck. :)
Happy T13! Very interesting list and Congrats on the move and hope this new house is better than the old one. Hope to see you at my 5th edition about Katie MacAlister at Talk About My Favorite Authors blog.
We're going to see the new house tomorrow--I'm so excited. If I remember, I'll take pix.

Sue, that might be what the architects call it. What's frustrating is that we actually had more counter top space in the kitchen in our travel trailer.

It is a cute house on the outside, especially if I've put up flower boxes on the balcony (I didn't this year--it's just been too hectic).
Enjoy the move, Heidelberg is a great city, but I confess to not knowing where Miesau is. :-P
Goodluck with the move!!

I hope you're getting a bigger house! I couldn't imagine the washer and dryer with two boys.

I have one, and I'm constantly washing his stuff. Granted he's 2 and half and makes more messes, but still.

Happy TT!!
I can sympathize with many of those. Thank goodness I live where I do now. I love my current apartment. It has exactly the right amount of space, and the perfect layout for our lifestyle.
Unless you are in the military, it's hard to conceptualize the real challenge of being a military family. I've had houses that small but by choice - I chose to live in that city and place. (We could go in Carl's military choice...blah blah STILL!)

Thanks for doing all that you do. I think I need to see how hard it is for you to really appreciate the sacrifice.
No closets? Right there, I'd have to move. lol
Sounds like my current home. Happy TT.
I'm looking forward to moving into our new house in a month or so. I know exactly how you feel!
Yowie. I never knew you were that cramped and inconvenienced. My admiration for you has just grown a million times over!
LOL - thanks for the link to the Heimatlieder!! Good luck with the move and blow a kiss to the Teeny House of Yore.
It looks really cute on the outside, though. I think that if a few walls were knocked down, it wouldn't be so bad.
Don't worry--it's not all that horrible. Next will will be the things I will miss.

Julia, the Heimatlieder are great, aren't they? Our neighbors sounded just like that. Only it's not quite so entertaining at 1 a.m. when you're trying to sleep. :)

LOL, Ann! Actually, that's what our landlord was thinking of doing. Knocking down the wall between the downstairs bathroom and the study to make a nice big kitchen and turn the kitchen into a bigger bathroom, and switch the dining room and living room around. I think he'd have frowned on us just doing it for him, though. :)
Wow, I wouldn't miss those things either. And I thought my apartment had issues!

Sorry didn't make it in yesterday, but we have major weather issues here. Hope you have a GREAT weekend!
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