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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Secret Night

**** The Secret Night by Rebecca York. Paranormal romantic suspense.

Rebecca York is one of the few authors I buy in category.

Jewelry artist Emma Birmingham was suspicious when her twin sister Margaret joined what sounded to Emma like a cult, run by "The Master" Damien Caldwell, so she pretended to join it herself, to check it out.

Her fears were realized when she overheard threats to her life. Margaret refused to leave, so Emma escaped, planning on returning with help to rescue her.

According to the files she'd searched, P.I. Nicholas Vickers was the one man Caldwell considered a threat, so Emma decided to turn to him for help... only to get a big surprise: Nicholas was the man she'd been having recurring erotic dreams about.

What she didn't know was that Nicholas had also been dreaming about her. And that both he and Caldwell were vampires, and mortal enemies.

It's an exciting story, and I really liked Nicholas's Batman tendencies: his underground garage, workshop, and lab, and the way he adapted to modern society and used modern technology. I also appreciated that he had a sense of humor as well as a sense of responsibility about his powers.

Emma and Margaret, on the other hand... Well, Emma was just caring and loyal, but she did have a tendency to go running into danger without trying as hard as she could have to get help. She wasn't quite TSTL--she did at least make plans, and I suppose her history made it understandable that she wouldn't expect to be able to count on anyone, so she gave up more easily because of that. But Margaret was definitely TSTL, and the worst kind of TSTL: the kind that will bring everyone else around them down with them.

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