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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Finders Keepers

***** Finders Keepers by Linnea Sinclair. Science fiction.

B&N, and even Linnea Sinclair's website call this "science fiction romance," but I'd classify it as science fiction--that's where the focus is--with a romantic subplot. Yes, I know it's a quibble, but then 90% of the negative reviews I read about it complained about the romance. Which makes me really tempted to make snide comments about certain sf fans, but I'll try to resist.

Independent trader Trilby Elliott is on an out-of-the-way planet making some repairs to her ship when she sees a 'Sko fighter crash.

Bent on salvage, she seeks out the wreck and ends up with more than she bargained for when she finds that the pilot isn't a 'Sko, but one of their enemies: a Zafharin, and he's injured but alive.

She brings him back to her ship to heal, and once he regains consciousness, the fighting starts, right after he introduces himself as Rhis Vanur. He wants to go one place; she wants to go another. She controls her ship; he schemes to take over control.

Things become more serious when it appears they're both being hunted by the 'Sko. And when Trilby's best friend turns up missing, they call a temporary truce.

Still, they don't trust each other and keep secrets--chief among which is that Rhis is Tivahr, the most feared Zafharin commander.

There's plenty of action and mystery and intrigue, and while both of them spend much of the time hiding things from each other and going behind each others' backs to pursue their own goals, it's entirely reasonable. Neither has reason to trust the other, and their goals a pretty much life-or-death. The inevitable collision of their opposing paths is realistic and emotional.

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