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Thursday, May 29, 2008

TT #101

Thirteen Things About Our Upcoming Move to Heidelberg

The chances are actually pretty good that we will be on post--first, we only have one month, and househunting is time-consuming. The housing lady emailed us floor plans, and the houses are about 2/3 larger than the house we're currently living in, and apparently have basements, which would be nice.

I keep coming up with more pros and cons, but I'm stopping here--otherwise, I'll never get this posted!

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Good luck with the move, let us know how it turns out. :)
Can you get Camden a bike for school? That'd be my pick.

It sounds like things are falling into place. I think this will work itself out. At least, I hope it will -- and that all will go smoothly. Keep us posted; you know I'm lurking!
First, I want to thank you, Carl and your children for doing this. I know that every life has challenges; I appreciate your efforts to make these challenges work. Carl could not do what he does without you and the kids. Thanks.

I bet Camden would love to ride his bike as Susan suggested. It would be safe. Either way, it's a great opportunity to incorporate into the community a bit. Who is going to understand the kids better than other military kids? You and Carl do such a great job parenting - I'm sure it will work either way.

May my blessings carry you through this next challenge.
Good luck with the move. I've had to make some quick moves in my life. It will all work out.
We've not had the military experience, but sounds like the ease of living on post might be a real plus! Good luck---and thank the Col. for me!
Is the header a picture of Heidelberg? It looks beautiful.

I hope the move goes smoothly and you all settle in quickly.
Good luck on the move.
Yes good luck I hope everything works out even better that you hope it will
Seems there are pro's and cons as always. I hope the positive will prevail! Good luck on the move.
Thanks for visiting my deity TT.
I wish you luck on your move! It sound like the on-post has it plus of living there. As the first two poster said, it great that your family decided to take this challenge to try something new. I also agree that maybe a bike would be good thing for Camden? I'm sure you will find a way :)

My questions would be, would you also have a mailbox for USA or would it be just your local german mailbox only? I hope am asking the right questions....
Sometimes moves are great things, wonderful blessings. Hope your move turns out to be one. :)
I like your happy faces/sad faces along with the pros and cons. Good luck with the move - the on post pros sound quite strong to me.
Good luck on the move, Darla! Have a great weekend!
Hope everything works out for you Darla! Happy TT!
Good luck with the packing and the move. Here's hoping everything falls into place over the next month!
Change is good...Im sure you will find things to love in your new place:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.
Good luck with the move.. A bigger house and a basement sounds good.. and 1.5 miles really isn't all that far to walk to school.. Here where I live in K-4th grade(the elementary schools) if you live with in a mile of the school your a walker.. Then for the 5th and
6th grade school if you live with in 3 miles of the school your a walker.. We live a mile from the elementary school and 2.5 miles from the 5th and 6th grade school so my kids are walkers.. next year my oldest will be in Jr High(7&8) So she will get to ride a bus but this will be the 1st time..
That all being said.. I do end up driving my elementary age kids because they still seem so little to walk a mile with no adults with them.. but my oldest one wants to walk and she only needs a ride if it is raining or snowing or just plain cold out.
Great T13 post today
I love the happy/sad faces. What a great TT.
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