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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rules of Engagement

**** Rules of Engagement by Katherine Caskie. Historical romance.

Eliza Merriweather doesn't want to marry--she'd prefer to go to Italy to study art. But she's promised her aunts to spend one season in London first. Her aunts are hoping she'll find a husband, and to help them, they have a secret weapon: one of the last books Eliza's late father bought: Rules of Engagement. It's obviously about military strategy, but the aunts' poor eyesight (they can only read the chapter headings) and their wishes lead them to believe it's about finding husbands for their nieces.

Magnus MacKinnon has just become the Earl of Sommerton. He's spent most of his life in the military--as the younger son, he never expected to inherit. So he's unprepared for dealing with the debts he's been left, and making matters worse, he's made a poor investment. Because of his feelings of responsibility to the people on his estates, he's come to the conclusion that his only option now is to marry money.

But he meets and falls in love with Eliza first, and Eliza doesn't have the kind of money he needs.

It's a cute story, with a star-crossed couple and the kindly yet misguided meddling aunts. It's all been done before, and there's nothing really outstanding about this story to set it apart, but it's readable and entertaining, and a nice example of a light Regency romance.

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Sounds like a good story- I've been in the mood for a romance lately.
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