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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

romantic or realistic?

Found this on Crazy Cozy Murders:

You are Totally Realistic

"Romance" means you're about to roll your eyes

Seriously, you can do without the sap or drama

Save it for someone who has nothing really going on in their relationship

For you, love is real - and easily integrated into your life

You don't need candles, flowers, or chocolates to know he's the one

Just some stimulating conversation... and maybe a great smile.

Are You a Romantic or Realistic Girl?

Well, with the caveat that I've been married for 23+ years, so some of the questions don't really apply, this is definitely me. I appreciate all those little romantic things Carl does, but I don't need them--he's the romantic, not me. Case in point: my mother-in-law was appalled when, after she'd convinced me I needed a pressure cooker, I suggested to Carl that it might be a nice Mother's Day present for me. She tried to tell him no woman wants kitchen stuff for a gift and that jewelry would be better. We both just laughed.



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