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Monday, May 19, 2008

Hidden Riches

***** Hidden Riches by Nora Roberts. Romantic suspense. Re-read.

I reread this, and loved it. I'd remembered the gist of the story, but the details were what made it.

You have Dora Conroy & Jed Skimmerhorn. He was a police captain who resigned. She owns an antique/junk shop & lives above it. He rents the other apartment from her. He's independently wealthy, and his grandmother is a bit of a character. Her family are actors---her dad's hilarious. She buys some things at an auction house that contain smuggled items & the villain tries to get them back.

One thing that bugs me about Dora. She's insulting Jed because he's not getting hysterical and falling apart about the other murders. Excuse me? Only people who can't put things aside have emotions? You're cold if you don't just drop everything & refuse to go on when something bad happens? She knows he's a cop. She loves him. She wants him to continue to be a cop. But she wants him to be a basket case every time he hears of something bad happening??? Okay, okay, Dora is at heart an actress. Logic isn't her strong suit. Got it. grrrrr.... People do this to Eve Dallas all the time too. Ticks me off. Probably because it was a point of contention between Carl and me until we learned to understand each other.

Still, it's realistic, even if it isn't logical, and it didn't spoil the story for me.

Gotta love how Dora & Jed first met:
"I'm Dora," she explained when he only continued to stare. "From across the hall? Need any help getting organized?"
"No." Jed booted the box away with his foot and closed the door in her face.
Cracks me up every time.

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LOL! That IS a good 'meet'. My mom is a huge Nora Roberts fan - I'm not sure if she's read this one or not.
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