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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


**** Grace by Deneane Clark. Historical romance.

This Regency is another successful result of my quest to find new authors.

Grace Ackerly and Trevor Caldwell, Earl of Huntwick have something in common: both are resistant to marriage because of the expected role of the bride. Trevor knows he has to marry eventually to produce an heir, but he's in no hurry to settle down with some dull, simpering miss. Until, that is, he meets Grace, and discovers a woman he can respect and wants to spend his life with.

Grace, however, intends to hold out until she's officially a spinster, at which time she intends to travel and live an independent life.

Complicating matters somewhat is her neighbor Harry, who's been telling everyone that he and Grace are betrothed.

The heroine who doesn't want to marry is a common theme in Regency romances, and the persistent suitor is also a frequent villain. Grace's five alternately charming and mischievous sisters and her caring but occasionally absent-minded father aren't all that unusual, either.

However, they do combine to make an entertaining story. Grace's family are all individuals rather than stock characters--as evidenced by the fact that they surprised me on occasion by not behaving in a cliched manner. The same goes for the villain, who turns out to be both pitiful and evil.

Historical romance isn't my favorite genre, but I found Grace to be a pleasant and entertaining read. Regency fans would likely enjoy this even more than I did.

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Thank you! I'm so happy you enjoyed Grace. What a lovely review.

I hope this finds you well.

Deneane Clark
Thank you, Deneane, for writing such an entertaining story! I'm looking forward to reading about Grace's sisters.
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