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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Black Friday

**** Black Friday by James Patterson. Suspense.

First, the warning: this was originally published in 1986 as Black Market.

A group of Vietnam vets known as the Green Band are fed up decide to fight back by attacking Wall Street, destabilizing the U.S. economy. It's up to counter-terrorism agent Arch Carroll and Caitlin Dillon from the SEC to find and stop them. Except the Green Band is being used by a shadowy Group of Twelve--the real powers behind the government.

Action, suspense, even a bit of a romance between Arch and Caitlin, and a hefty dose of intrigue. It's a fun, exciting book.

But it seems I have the minority opinion here. The average on Amazon is 2.5 stars. This surprised me, so I read through the reviews to figure out why I enjoyed it when so many people didn't. Maybe I only think I liked it, and on further reflection, I'll realize I hated it as well.

The objections:
It's not a perfect book--the characters could have been better developed, for one thing--but it was still entertaining, and the combination of the financial district (my accounting degree surfacing) and the shadow government conspiracy grabbed my attention.

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