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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekend Update

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Have you see Blackadder before? I think the 2nd series (Elizabethan) is my favorite, and then the 4th set in WWI (although the ending--being that it's set in WWI--is a bit grim). Hugh Laurie is my secret love slave.

And I sympathize with what you said about close siblings. I do anything I can do to foster Ilsa's independence from her older sister, but I see from your post that it's only going to continue and get more complicated as they grow.
No, I hadn't seen Blackadder before. I'd bought it on recommendations--everybody got a British TV series on DVD for Christmas, and Curran loves history, so it went to him. Now, of course, we all like it.

It appears to be the girlfriend/boyfriend thing that lets the close siblings separate--and then, of course, you have THAT whole problem. It's always something. But at least it's never boring. Heh.
I hope your headaches are all gone..and that you're feeling better :)

So...what did you think of "21"? Can't wait to hear your reviews on both "21" and "Juno". I want to see both movies with Trish but she kept changing her mind on movies to watch when it close time for us to go Cinema to watch it *sigh*....
Loved 21, but ended up not seeing Juno, as it was too late by the time we finished grocery shopping. Ah, well. I wasn't that excited about it anyway.
Darn! Trish been hounding me to watch "21" and I thought it might not be good to watch, cause I fear it will sent her the wrong messages lol...

I will wait until you review "21" and then go from there to make decsion whether to see it or not. I think it too late anyway - so might as well wait to Netflix it :) Thanks for letting me know
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