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Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Morning Meme

Julia tagged me for this:

What I was doing 10 years ago:
April 1998... We'd been married 13.5 years. Living in San Antonio, in our first house. Dagny was in 7th grade; Curran was in 2nd; and Camden was going part-time to a preschool 1.5 miles from our house--when the weather was good, we walked or I rode with him in the kiddie seat on my bike.

Five things on my to-do list today:
1. Keep trying to catch up with email and reviews
2. Beta-read new chapter! Yay!
3. laundry, laundry, more laundry
4. send payment for the clock Carl bought himself on ebay and try to think of something to get him for his birthday when he buys himself everything he wants. (men! argh!)
5. see if Carl & Camden's trip to the commissary yesterday yielded anything that might be miraculously turned into dinner. Failing that, miraculously devise dinner the way romance heroines do.

Snacks that I enjoy:
1. popcorn. butter & salt is my favorite, but I love any kind, from plain, unsalted to gooey homemade caramel corn to this spiced popcorn recipe I found a while back with curry powder & chili powder, sugar, salt, & pepper.
2. buttered popcorn jellybeans. Heh.
3. SweeTarts
4. really dark chocolate. Lindt's had some interesting chocolate lately that's flavored with hot pepper--scrumptious.
5. zwieback with Nutella, or toast with peanut butter

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Billionaire? Last time I did this one, it was millionaire. That's some pretty steep inflation!
1. Pay off house, bills, and heck, since it's a billion this time, I'll pay off my mom's & MIL's & BIL's bills, too.
2. Educational/getting-started-in-life funds for each of the kids. Not too huge, though--I wouldn't want them to get spoiled & lazy.
3. Build the cabin at the lake we've been talking about, and renovate our house--making everything exactly as we wanted it.
4. Donate huge chunks to health and educational charities (investigating them, of course), as well as some environmental and political causes
5. Explore various business ideas, like a German-style Italian ice cafe in San Antonio (there's a gelato place, but I've never seen an ice cream parlor in the US that has sundaes remotely as extravagant), and a Denny's in Germany (there's a real need here for reasonably-priced family restaurants--you can either get fast food/snack bar/pizza or restaurants where the entrees start at $15--there's nothing in-between, and consequently, a LOT of younger families just never eat out). And I like the idea of renovating and reselling houses, too.

Three of my bad habits:
1. Telling myself what a horrible person I am. *g*
2. Over-reliance on routines.
3. Playing too much solitaire on the computer.

Five places I have lived:
1. way out in the country in central Michigan
2. St. Louis, Michigan
3. Ann Arbor, Michigan
4. San Antonio, Texas
5. Landstuhl, Germany

Five jobs that I have had:
1. piano player at a church (not my church)--I got $25 a week.
2. waitress at Pizza Hut
3. clerk in the photoduplication department at the grad library at U of M
4. nurse's aide
5. army environmental health specialist

I'm not tagging anyone--this cold, which I'm beginning to suspect is actually a sinus infection, is kicking my butt and I don't want to pass on my germs with a tag. (good excuse, yes?) But feel free to tag yourself if you're so inclined, and leave a comment so I can read your answers, too!

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Enjoyed reading your answers! Love your billionaire's list.... ;) And oh, you're definitely not a horrible person!!
Darla - Thanks for playing! And you know you are not a horrible person, stop telling yourself that! :)

I find it interesting about your working as waitress at Pizza Hut, but the rest on your job list is not surprising. *grin*. And I love your Billiionaire answers! WOW :)

Say a early/late Birthday to Carl for me :)
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