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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Five Seasons of Angel

**** Five Seasons of Angel, ed. by Glenn Yeffeth. Nonfiction essays.

This anthology is from the same publisher, the same editor, and many of the same authors as Seven Seasons of Buffy, and is the same sort of book: essays by various authors on either the series as a whole or some aspect of the series.

And just like in the previous book, there were good and bad essays; ones I agreed with and ones I didn't; and ones that made me see a favorite series in a new light: which is for me the best thing about it.
One thing that always strikes me when I read essays is how very wordy and repetitious they can be, and I often end up wondering if I'm missing something by distilling subjects down to their essences. I generally end the argument in my favor (not hard when I'm arguing with myself!), but I do end up with a lingering curiosity about whether there's any benefit in wordiness.

Something else that struck me with this anthology in particular is that a few of the authors didn't seem aware that the 5th season was the last, and that a few others didn't seem to like the series at all, and that seemed odd for this sort of anthology.

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Ah, that book sounds interesting. Thanks for taking the time to write something about every essay (I'd be much too lazy for that myself).
Seems like I have to finally get off my arse and watch the last 4 seasons of Angel one of these days... ;)
That does seem weird to have people write essays who don't like the show. Interesting.
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