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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Definite Article

****½ Definite Article. Comedy.

Directed by: Ed Bye.
Starring: Eddie Izzard.

We rented this DVD from Netflix.

What can I say? It's Eddie Izzard, the executive transvestite (though that's not explained on this DVD) comedian. It's a DVD of a live concert, and is hilariously funny--I love his skewed point of view. And too cool--the DVD starts off with scenes from The Italian Job.

I'd only recently been introduced to Eddie Izzard's comedy, and watched (and loved!) Dress to Kill apparently just before I started posting about movies here.

Hints to my family: I'd love his DVDs for, say, Mother's Day.

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Ah, I adore Eddie Izzard. DTK is one of my favourite shows, along with Glorious. I tend to listen to the audio rather than watch the video, though it can be a hazard listening to him in the car - have had to hurriedly pull over a couple of times when I was laughing too hard to see the road. :)
Love him!! I have spent many hours on youtube watching snippets of his live shows.
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