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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trust Me Once

**** Trust Me Once by Jan Coffey. Romantic suspense.

I bought this and the second book in the series, Twice Burned, and met the authors, Jim and Nikoo McGoldrick, a few years ago at a signing at TTP.

Attorney Sarah Rand has just returned from Ireland, but before she gets home, she's pulled over by cops... who try to kill her. She escapes and TV star Owen Dean happens by, picks her up, and drives her the rest of the way to Newport.

Once there, she discovers that she's been murdered--or rather, her friend who'd been house-sitting has been murdered and mistaken for Sarah--and that her boss, Judge Arnold, is in jail, arrested for the crime. In light of the attack, she's afraid to trust the police until she discovers who wants her dead and why. So she calls Owen Dean and asks for his help. Since they were strangers until he picked her up, it's the last place the killers would look for her.

From then on, there are twists and turns and exhilarating chases and escapes, and Sarah and Owen fall in love while unraveling the mystery and eluding the bad guys.

Trust Me Once was a little slow in spots, and I had trouble keeping some of the many characters straight, but overall, it was an exciting and fun read.

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I read one of Jan Coffey's Silent Water and like it. I have added "Deadliest Strain" in my wish list, after Jill recommend it :)
I've since read the second book in the series, Twice Burned, and I think Deadliest Strain is in my TBR pile.
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