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Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday Morning Meme

Six Unimportant Things

I tagged myself after seeing this meme on A Gentleman's Domain. It’s very simple--all I have to do is share six non-important things/habits/quirks about myself.
  1. I convert °C to °F and vice versa in my head. However, despite the fact that I do this frequently, I still have no idea what the weather's like if you say it's 20°C outside until I do the math. (that's 68°F, by the way)

  2. I wear size 8 - 8½ shoes, depending on the style. Before I had kids, I wore size 7½.

  3. I have 52 (obviously, it's fate) versions of solitaire card games on my computer, including the three that came with it (solitaire, free cell, & spider solitaire). Seven of them I never play because they're unwinnable. I never play the ones that came with the computer. Of the others, I play one game until I win it, then go to the next least-played one on the list. I consider this an improvement from when I played nothing but free cell and kept track of which games I'd won. I do still have the list somewhere, though, in case I have a relapse.

  4. I haven't had my hair cut professionally in about ten years. When I can't stand it getting caught when I roll over in bed at night, I trim it myself.

  5. I got a maximum score on every PT test I took when I was in the army. The run was always the hardest part.

  6. I eat SweeTarts in the following order: yellow, orange, green, pink, blue, purple. Not from the whole box, mind you--just within a handful. This is because I dislike yellow SweeTarts and the orange ones aren't that great, either. Still, it would never occur to me to throw them out.
I'm not tagging anyone this morning--help yourself to a tag, and leave a comment if you do.

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Purple sweetarts are the best. I also eat any yellow candy first because they are my least favorite- Mike and Ikes, Sweetarts, Starbursts, jelly beans, anything.
I used to play a version of Solitaire called The Insomniac which I found in a novel, but sadly I have forgotten how to play it and I can't remember which novel it is described in.

My wife used to cut my hair (not this wife, but another wife) until onc day she almost took my ear off, and then I went back to getting it done by professionals!
I don't play the solitaire that is on my computer either. Just the one that is free online. I enjoy playing it. I'm also addicted to a game, I can't remember the title, but it sorta like playing domino, except it had pictures and season on each piece instead of the black dot. You match the piece together and score points and it chiense version.

I'm really dumb when it come to the weather speak hehehe
As is painfully clear from my appearance, I too cut my own hair (clippers + shortest guard) after having swung between below-the-shoulders to completely bald literally overnight.

I've read somewhere that every game of Free Cell is, technically, winnable. Based on my research (undo/back up/revert as necessary), I believe this to be true.
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