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Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Flashback

March 2002:

Once Forbidden by Terri Brisbin. Historical romance.

Boy, talk about overcoming obstacles.... Sheesh. I didn't think there was any way you could get these two together. Both their fathers against them, and the Church as well, not to mention Anice's own fears. Clever way for Struan to work it at the end, although it would've been nice if he'd come up with that solution sooner! A bit hard to understand him in a time when promises aren't regarded quite as binding. Still, he'd broken his marriage vows to be with Robert's mother.... Guess he didn't want to compound his sin by breaking more vows.

Anice, well, she really got everything thrown at her, didn't she? So I guess she can be forgiven for that lapse in logic---she did tell Robert she couldn't be a "real wife" to him & that he should go elsewhere. Unfortunately, he didn't really want anyone else, so he got drunk & made a spectacle of himself. I suspect, though, that Anice would have been angry even if he'd managed to go off quietly with Robena, because she was actually in love with him, just scared.
You can see the entire thread, including a synopsis and a discussion with Terri Brisbin here.

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