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Monday, February 11, 2008

Rival Attractions

**** Rival Attractions by Penny Jordan. Contemporary romance.

Charlotte (Charlie) Spencer is a small town estate agent (real estate agent to Tisoftheeans), and life is fine, if a bit placid. Until Oliver Tennant comes to town, to open up his own agency. Charlie doesn't think there's room enough in the small town for both of them, and she's worried about his big-city ways, and that he won't look out for the townspeople's best interests the way she does.

Nevertheless, when he needs a temporary place to live, Charlie bows to pressure from a friend to rent him her spare room.

It's a classic romance between rivals story, and has some surprisingly real and gritty parts for such a sweet love story.

Rival Attractions is a quick, romantic, and satisfying read. Nothing exceptional, just a nice story. Thanks, Geets!

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You're quite welcome! If you enjoyed this one, you should really try Substitute Lover, Desire Never Changes...I really enjoyed those!
Have I mentioned the size of my TBR pile lately?? LOL Okay, okay, I'll put them on my list. :)
And your point would be????? Just for that, I think I'll write down a plethora of her backlist (I HAVE ALL HER BOOKS NOW) and put them here for you! {eg}
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