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Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Flashback

Flashback to March 2002:

Rose in the Mist by Ana Seymour. Historical romance.

I believe Rose in the Mist is the sequel to The Black Swan which, sadly, I have not yet read. I'll have to look harder for it now, though.

I enjoyed Cat, in her multiple roles---lady-in-waiting to the queen, English lady, Irish spy, & just Cat, who's attracted to & then falls in love with Niall. Seems like her problems come when those roles conflict.

I'm interested in seeing what happens to Bobby. He wasn't bad, just had a different opinion of what was best for Ireland. And John Black as well. I thought I saw a few sparks between him & Bella, although that might have been wishful thinking.

I thought Niall's family's reaction was well-done. They're definitely disapproving of Niall's marriage & growing attachment for a woman who had him thrown in the Tower. That was a very emotional part of the book---Cat & Niall were falling in love, but Cat had to deal with his family's distrust & disapproval, and even Niall's own distrust, as well as being away from her home & friends. Then at the end finding out that her guardian was the man who'd killed her father & stolen his estates... She definitely had a rough time of it.

Oh, there's another one I'm wondering what happens to. Pimsley. That is one devious man.

You can find the thread, including a conversation with Ana Seymour, here.

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