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Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Flashback

This one's from June 2002:

Out of the Shadows by Linda Lael Miller. Paranormal romance.

I already had these books (Forever and the Night and For All Eternity), but when they were reprinted, I took the opportunity to reread them. These were the first vampire romances I'd ever read---in fact, they were the first vampire books I'd ever read, & I was curious to see how they'd hold up now that I've read a lot more vampire books, both romance & otherwise.

I credit LLM with sparking my interest in the genre, & if I hadn't read her books first, I think it might have taken me much longer to get to Christine Feehan's or Laurell K. Hamilton's.

Forever and the Night has an ending that I've never seen in any other vampire story. I don't claim to have read all the vampire books out there, so I can't say if it's unique, but I do think I've read enough to say that it's unusual. I think LLM did a wonderful job in showing Aidan hating being a vampire so much while his sister Maeve loved it, and not making either one of them look weak or contemptible for their choices.

I also like the background story---the 'old ones', Tobias, the angels, the warlocks, & the rest of the vampire society she created. It seems like so much for only 4 books, & I've often wished for more.

I enjoyed the vampires being able to time-travel, but I wondered why they didn't just skip the daylight hours altogether. I guessed that they could only travel through time within their own lifetimes (what was the name of that TV show?), so they couldn't just jump forward to the next night until the daylight hours had passed, but particularly when they were in danger as daylight approached, I wondered why they didn't just travel back to a few days before. These are the things I ponder when I'm reading at 1 a.m.

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