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Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday Flashback

This is from May 2003:

House of Shadows by Susan Bowden. Romantic suspense.

This book, to me, was reminiscent of a Barbara Michaels book. Since I love Barbara Michaels books, that's a good thing.

The intriguing old house, people acting suspiciously, an air of tension surrounding everything.... It's a book I'll want to read more than once.

I loved the setting of Barbados, and the realism of the dichotomy between the island the tourists see and the island the residents know was well-done.

And what is it about arrogant heroes, anyway? At least as long as they come to their senses in the end, that is. Loved David, liked the premise of David & Vivien having to work together when both of them have strong reservations about it.

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