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Friday, February 29, 2008


****½ Enchanted. Fantasy.

Directed by: Kevin Lima.

Starring: Julie Andrews, Amy Adams, James Marsden, Susan Sarandon, Idina Menzel, Patrick Dempsey

We saw this at the Hercules with the boys.

In fairy-tale land, Princess Giselle (Amy Adams) is about to marry Prince Edward (James Marsden) in a typical fairy-tale romance: he rescues her, they kiss, it's obviously True Love, even though they haven't even spoken to each other. However, Edward's wicked stepmother (Susan Sarandon) doesn't want to share her power, so she pushes Giselle down a well... and Giselle ends up in New York City.

There she meets Robert (Patrick Dempsey) and proceeds to turn his life upside down as well, much to the annoyance of his girlfriend (Idina Menzel) and the delight of his daughter (Rachel Covey).

Of course, Edward follows her (it is True Love, after all), and the queen sends her servants after them, and finally comes herself.

Enchanted is in the tradition of The Tenth Kingdom and Last Action Hero, highlighting and poking fun at the differences between real life and fairy tales (or action movies, which are just another kind of fairy tale). It's great fun, and even though it's very sweet, it's never saccharine or syrupy. Much of that is due, I think, to the character of Giselle, and the acting of Amy Adams, who keeps her character on the very thin line just this side of being too sweet to stand. She's incurably upbeat, and spreads sunshine, but she also exhibits real emotions and shows genuine concern for those around her that keeps you from wanting to strangle her.

It's a cute, fun, feel-good movie with lots of laughs and silly situations. It appeals to the child in you, but doesn't insult your inner adult, mostly because it doesn't take itself too seriously.

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I like the sound of this, and I'm really liking the cast. I'll have to see it once it comes out on dvd (my kids wouldn't like it and my husband wouldn't be caught dead there LOL).
I've been wanting to see this movie :) Can't wait!
Idina Menzel! If I remember right, the reviews I read say that there's singing in the movie, which makes this a must-watch for us ... someday.

(Last few movies watched: Sound of Music, South Pacific, The King & I (1956) ... we're on a bit of a Rodgers & Hammerstein kick, Flower Drum Song is up next)
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