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Friday, February 01, 2008

Sticky Post: Contest!

I have two things I don't know what to do with:


So I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.

Recommend an e-book or several, and at the end of the month, I'll send my extra copy of My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon (I accidentally ordered two) to someone chosen at random from among the comments. Make sure I have some way to contact you.

Go ahead and pimp your own book. Chances are, if I visit your blog, it's on my list anyway, but I'd hate for my faulty memory to make me miss it!



Hope you have "Sundial" :)

And I still owe you a copy of The Daddy Spell. What format do you prefer?
Well, this is my 'promote Zombie Jack day', so I'll say Zombie Jacl!
Is that an e-reader on the right side? That cool :) I don't have one *grin*. You don't have to add me to contest, but I just want to visit your blog (as I always do *grin*) and than say hi :)
I am so looking forward to this book. Just can't get enough Harry!!!

I still haven't recovered from the series being canceled. I did get the dvds for Christmas ... so I can visit him whenever I want too!

Hope you are doing well. I just started my blogspot.
I am looking forward to this book too! I can't get enough of Kelley Armstrong's books... and I'm sure the other novellas are equally great too!
Right. Well, I'd recommend "Go Between" By Dayna Hart (at Samhain) and "Paul's Dream" (at Liquid Silver).
Well, and mine. Any of mine. LOL.
I don't have any books to my name -- can I still joing the contest? If you haven't read though, Paulo Coelho's books, I highly recommend "By the river Piedra I sat down and wept". Great book, I promise. :-)

Email: pristinechristmas at yahoo dot com
Just as a general comment -- the good folks at www.mobileread.com have a fair number of Project Gutenberg freEtexts already converted to Sony Reader format. And having run across some of the Baen CDs on eBay, I can testify that they do indeed have a fairly large complement of eBooks (now if I could only figure out some way to reliably convert them to zTXT).

Man, I'm jealous.
Hmmm... I can recommend
THIN ICE by Liana Lavernetz from the wild rose press
(I'm reading it now and like it so far) and...
*cough cough* MY book THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME from Samhain (but that won't be out until the end of May)
Yes, I have Sundial. :) PDF worked fine for that, so I'm guessing it would work for The Daddy Spell, too.

Zombie Jack. Check.

Yep, Julia, it's an ebook reader. :) Guess I should have clarified that, huh?

Pammy, thank goodness for the DVDs. The PX actually got them on the release date--that never happens. But yeah, I'm woe'd, too. You did hear about the comics, right?

Go Between, Paul's Dream, a handful from Jennifer McKenzie/Leeland... check, check, check.

Thin Ice, check.

Mike, I've been going nuts with the classics... my reader came with a coupon for 100 of them free. I've downloaded 68. Now it's getting difficult. :)
Charlene Teglia's books on Elora's Cave

My favorite place to buy ebooks is Fictionwise because they carry such a wide variety of ebooks, though I do purchase some direct from the epublishers.

Some of my favorite ebooks authors are: Bianca D'Arc (Maiden Flight), Shelly Laurenston (Pack Challenge), Annmarie McKenna (Blackmailed), Liz Craven (Carjacked), Alexis Fleming (A Handyman's Best Tool, Maya Banks (Seducing Simon and Michelle Libby (Married to the Marine).

Many Mainstream authors are also available as ebooks (and at a discount). If you enjoy JD Robb, you might also enjoy: Tara Janzen (Crazy Hot), Suzanne Brockmann (Tall, Dark and Dangerous Series and Troubleshooters Series), Christina Skye (Code Name Series), and Amy Fetzer (Perfect Weapon).

Happy reading!
Why not try some biker fiction for a change of pace lol Shameless plug for Iron Horse Rider. I just signed the contract for a sequel. Happy reading.
To add one more... I'm now reading Eileen Cook's "Unpredictable" and it's very funny.
I heard about House Lust by Daniel McGinn on a talk radio program on XM this morning. It definitely piqued my interest. I think it would be an exceptional e-book:


WHEN I win, contact me at dineer526@aol.com

Jill, duh. I should have thought of that. Thanks.

Fictionwise. Excellent. One-stop shopping! Thanks for the recommendations, too.

Congrats, Adelle! Iron Horse Rider. Check. :)

Jennifer, is Unpredictable in e-book format? I've already preordered the paperback. Ah, well. :)

Di, I'd never heard of that one! Sounds very interesting. Thanks.
Have you read Summer's Revealing Skills yet? I had fun with it.

Don't forget there's all kinds of free classics out there for Mobi Pocket Reader software. My wife has been reading Dodsworth.
I haven't read Revealing Skills yet, but I bought it. :)

And I've got 80 free classics so far. Good grief. This should keep me busy for a while.
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