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Friday, February 29, 2008

Awaken the Senses

**** Awaken the Senses by Nalini Singh. Contemporary romance.

I got this, signed, in a charity auction a while ago--a great way to acquire the backlist of a must-buy author.

Winemaker Alexander Dupree meets misfit poor relation Charlotte Ashton when consulting at the Ashton family vineyard. Their initial assumptions about each other prove false, and they find themselves involved in a spot of intrigue.

Awaken the Senses is the fifth in Silhouette's Ashton Dynasty series, and the only one I've read. It would be undoubtedly more interesting if I'd read the previous books, particularly the parts having to do with the Ashton family. Still, there was enough information that I got the gist, and I didn't feel too terribly lost.

It's a sweet, short book (only 186 pages), but the characters are engaging and real.

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I actually JUST read her recent books, and I love her! A different twist/take on shape shifters and humans and the Psy.

I'm thinking to see if I can get her backlist...eventually.
I've actually only read the first of the new books, and I loved it, too--which is why I got the backlist. The newer ones are buried in Mount TBR somewhere.
OMG! Well the first is the best, but wait till you read Book 3--Caressed by Ice--Judd's (the other psy who escaped with his family and is living with the wolf pack) story! I don't know if you remember the healer, Tamsyn? Well her and her mate, Nate's story is actually third in an anthology--it tells of how they got together and had me in tears. It's the Enchanted something with Maggie Shayne.

The second, Visions in Heat is also good, the fourth, Mine to Possess, wasn't, only because the heroine irritated me with the flip-flopping of her reactions.

You need to pull out Visions and Carressed from the bottom of your TBR!!!!

I think you should listen to me, because for me to recommend this after I'd been all paranormaled out--it's HUGE, lol.

Of course, I've got Strangers to read...but since it's heavy on procedural and less Angsty on Roarke and Eve...I'm in no rush, lol.
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