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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Life of Brian

***** Life of Brian. Comedy.

Directed by: Terry Jones.
Starring: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin

We watched this on DVD Christmas night. It was a first for the boys, but not for the rest of us.

If you've never seen it, it's the story of Brian, who's mistaken for the messiah. Watch the trailer (above)--it explains better than I do.

Anyway, it's such a classic. Monty Python is brilliant, and it's more fun every time I see it. There are some fabulous scenes: "Romanes Eunt Domus" is a favorite, as is "what have the Romans ever done for us?" and "Biggus Dickus," etc., etc. And then there's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" which we always end up singing for weeks afterward.

The kids all loved it, by the way.

If you've seen it, what is your favorite scene? If you haven't, check out the YouTube links and get back to me.

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Not to forget "Blessed are the Cheesemakers" and "He's not the Messiah...he's a very naughty boy"
"What have the Romans done for us" spawned a catchphrase of sorts in my family growing up. "Like the aquaducts" became a shorthand for "well, that's obvious." "Hey, I thought you didn't like him." "Well, that's like the aquaducts. But I still have to work with him." It's the way John Cleese just completely writes off the aquaducts as a given.

Fave scene? The scene with the hermit. Of course they've got juniper berries; they're juniper bushes!! Or maybe the stoning...
The wife and I regard the "Biggus Dickus" scene as one of the best comic scenes in any movie ever. Not so much for the content -- the humor is adolescent, at best -- but for the execution. The acting and direction of that scene are phenomenally good.
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