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Monday, January 14, 2008

Down and Dirty, Vol. 2

**** Down and Dirty, volume 2, ed. by Alison Tyler. Erotica.

Now this is a fabulous erotica collection, of short-shorts (just like on the cover!). They're very short--43 total, and the book's only 187 pages long, but they still manage to get sex and--get this: an emotional connection, an actual story along with it.

I'm not giving it 5 stars because there were a few stories I didn't really care for, but even those were readable: there were none of the kind of short stories that make no sense. You know the ones I mean: the ones with the self-conscious symbolism and convoluted prose and inexplicable characters and no plot because the story's intended to transcend such trivialities as plot and characters. The ones that make me hesitate to ever pick up a volume of short stories again. There were none of those.

Even though these stories are short, they tell a whole story, make you understand the characters, and feel something, and maybe even turn you on. These are well-written stories. In fact, one of the more emotionally affecting was a 2-paragraph story, "Adultery" by Teresa Noelle Roberts.

A wonderful treat--I won't say surprise, because I found out about it when browsing through her website, though I'd bought the book long before I discovered her writing--was not one but two stories by Sasha White: "The Mirror," and "The Gym," which I thought I saw on her website, or maybe in one of her newsletters, but I can't find it now--except in this book.

There's a wide variety of stories, tones from romantic to poignant to edgy to "down and dirty," with subjects from vanilla to bondage to voyeurism. The kink level is low to moderate. The one lack I found was that while there were plenty of lesbian stories, there were no gay male stories.

Besides Sasha White, there were a few other authors I recognized, and a few more whose work I'm going to make a point of looking up.

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Haven't try Sasha White, but thought about it. I have seen you talked about her books alot though :) Have yougotten Wicked yet?

You should try Shayla Black's erotic books who also write under Shelly Bradley, which is the lighter romance side. :)
Yes, I have Wicked--it's in my TBR pile... somewhere. :)

Shayla Black? I'll put her on my list to check out.
Just how many of Sasha White books did you read? I kept changing my mind about getting wicked everytime I see it on the shelf
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