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Monday, January 21, 2008

9 1/2 Days

****½ 9½ Days by Mia Zachary. Contemporary romance.

I got a handful of books signed by Mia Zachary in a charity auction a while ago. This is the second one I've read. The first one I read was entertaining, but this one was fabulous.

Attorney Jordan Gregory is in a bind. She told her family she's engaged to her boyfriend David, and with a family wedding coming up, they're all expecting to meet him. The only problem is, he's been very distant lately, and the one time they had sex, it was pretty unsatisfying. So she decides to go all out to get David back, and buys a book on sexual fantasies to spice things up.

Unbeknownst to Jordan, however, David's finally admitted to himself that he's gay. He's still a typical male, though, and thinks that just easing out of the relationship is a kinder way of handling it.

Then a lingerie show for her sister's new business (a previous Mia Zachary book, I presume--I think it's in my TBR pile) and a power outage sticking Jordan in an elevator in the dark combine with her new sexier self and produce a very hot encounter with a firefighter.

The encounter gives her more courage, so she decides to act out one of the fantasies in the book and kidnap David. Except the man she kidnaps and has her way with is David's twin brother Danny, who just happens to have been the firefighter in the elevator.

Danny's well known for his 8-date rule, but he agrees to pose as Jordan's fiance David in exchange for no-holds-barred sex.

First, as you might expect from the synopsis and the title, and from the fact that this is a Blaze: this book is steamy. And not embarrassingly or cheesily steamy, either. Honestly steamy. I'm known for being picky about sex scenes. These are good. Well-written, natural-feeling language (self-conscious "dirty words" in sex scenes are always obvious), full of emotion and sensuality, and integral to the plot.

It's also a wonderful love story. Both Jordan and Danny grow as they fall in love, and there's a lot about acceptance and family.

9 1/2 Days is a sexy, entertaining, complete read. I definitely recommend it, and have put Mia Zachary's subsequent books on my to-look-for list.

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