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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Weekend Update

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I read an interview with Lehane -- at one point, they ask why there's been no new Kenzie/Gennaro books lately (Mystic River came after Prayers for Rain, and then Shutter Island [which has been optioned, apparently, for a possible 2009 release]).

He replied that he felt he'd used them -- hard -- lately and they deserved a break, and that if they came knocking on his mind's door, he wouldn't turn them away, but tracing the arc of their relationship and lives over the five novels he wrote, there's a scary downward spiral that could only end badly.

I love the stocking story, by the way.
Hey Darla, gosh miss seeing you blogging :) Glad to see you up to post this update....It seem like you had a busy day but a wonderful times. Your Christmas tree are beautiful, especially in the dark :) Great pictures and can't wait to read more udpate...I'm looking forward to your movie reviews as well :)

So you order books from Barnes and Noble on-line? I didn't think they shìpped books to Germany :)

Take care of yourself, you need it. And have good rest of the holidays and may the New Year bring you joy :)
Mike: I think I read that interview. I don't feel like there's untold story yet for Kenzie/Gennaro, but at the same time, I love the books and wouldn't mind reading more if & when. I did break down and get Mystic River and Shutter Island--they're in my TBR mountain.
Heh. Glad you liked the stocking story. :)

Julia: thanks! Glad you liked the pix. Don't worry--it's pretty relaxing from now on.
And yep--I have an APO address, so for B&N, it's like mailing something to New York... something a few online retailers still don't grasp. Grrrr.
You better be relaxing woman! hehehe

I'm guessing Amazon is one of the online retailers who doesn't sent stuff to Germany...that be shame. Because I know you would have made a run of the money in their store *grin*......
Oh, Amazon definitely sends stuff to Germany--there's even a German Amazon. But B&N gives me 10 MyPoints for every dollar I spend, and with the amount I spend on books, that really adds up! :)

Buy.com, on the other hand, doesn't ship to APO addresses, which is a shame, because they tend to have really great prices, especially on those trade paperbacks.
Well thanks goodness to two best online retailers who does shipped to Germany :)

I haven't shop much at Buy.com but I do agree that the price are great there. I get some trade paperbacks books there too :)
That is the cutest tree!
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