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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Weekend Update

  • Last Saturday, Carl and I went out to dinner to our favorite Indian restaurant (no website of their own--and darn! I didn't realize they had Entertainment Books here in Germany! No point in getting one now that we're short, but it would have been very useful.) We had our usual Chicken Nurani (I looked for a recipe, but couldn't find one--it probably has a different name: Boneless chicken cooked in a very mild sauce of cream, yoghurt and cashew) and Murgh Palak, and split them. The Indian restaurant is a bit expensive, given the Euro rate, so we don' t go there very often, and these two dishes make a nice combination of subtle and spicy. And of course there's the mulligatawny soup, the mango lassi and the naan. Yum. It's probably a good thing we don't go too often.

  • Lots of rain and wind this week, and lots of cursing from me about this house, though this time it wasn't about the kitchen (that was earlier, when Camden made coated raisin candy). The wind pushed the rain through the wall and caused dripping in the computer room on the first floor. No drips in the attic--the roof is fine. So I spent a lot of time chasing drips with a bucket. Weirdest was when it was dripping inside the ceiling light fixture. At least the glass shade caught the drips, but it drove me nuts until I figured out where the dripping sound was coming from.

  • We're still waiting on info about a future assignment. The job Carl really wanted in San Antonio isn't going to happen, so he's looking at other options there, and let TPTB know that as a second choice, we'd rather take the position in Heidelberg rather than somewhere else in the U.S. Then somebody brought up the option of a brand-new position in Stuttgart, with AFRICOM, which would possibly be an even better second choice--certainly a fascinating job prospect for Carl, but I'm not real thrilled with the prospects for Curran, who'll be starting college next fall. And now, after checking out the schools for Camden, I'm even less happy about those prospects. Neither Heidelberg nor Stuttgart American school has a band. Keep your fingers crossed for me that San Antonio works out somehow.

  • Speaking of band, Camden had a Herbst appliance installed this week, and it's really been interfering with his clarinet playing. The orthodontist said that it'll just take some time to get used to it, but Camden's Christmas concert is tomorrow evening. He's very upset.

  • So they're off to a model train exchange... oh, shoot--I don't remember the name of the town. Anyway, it's near where Carl's brother lives, and they'll stop there afterwards, or meet up with him there.

  • Thursday was St. Nicholas Day: everybody was quite happy with the presents: cookies, candy, a holiday songbook for each of them (guitar for Curran, clarinet for Camden--they've both tried out a couple songs already), and the joint present: season 3 of Dr. Who. We've watched the first 3 episodes already.

  • Speaking of Dr. Who, I was rather startled when I saw the prices on B&N and Amazon for the series DVDs. A holiday bonus shopping tip for you: check them out at Columbia House (about 30% cheaper). They, along with most other TV series DVDs, are vastly more reasonably priced there. Of course, if you're not already a member, you have to deal with the membership agreement stuff, but do the math--it'll probably work out to your benefit.

  • Last night we walked to our local Weihnachtsmarkt. Unfortunately, it was not a lot of fun. It started raining when we were about halfway there (it was about a mile and a half walk), and we figured we'd just stick it out, maybe find somewhere to sit out of the rain until it let up. Everybody else had the same idea--there was no room anywhere, it got colder and rainier and windier, so we gave up, walked back to the döner kebab restaurant, had ourselves a döner and fries while we warmed up, then walked back home and watched two episodes of Dr. Who.
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Fingers crossed for the new job!!!
Thanks, Susan! We should know something in February, but right now that seems like a long ways off.
I would hate the not knowing! Hope it all works out for you in the way you want it too!
Mango lassi! So jealous!
I'm keeping my fingers cross that San Antonio would work out. Or Carol job work out somehow :)

Sound like your house will be alive with the sound of musics *grin*...good luck witth finding Camden school where there is band :)
Keeping fingers crossed that everything will work out fine, Darla. And here I thought it's snowing over there... it's been rainy over here too!
It almost always comes down to just a couple of months before a move before we know where we're going. The worst was when we moved to Heidelberg--they'd told us Virginia "for sure" then Ohio "definitely" then Heidelberg at the last minute. That was nerve-wracking.

Mike, it's not exactly the same, but at home we make a somewhat passable mango lassi substitute by mixing mango nectar and vanilla yogurt.

Melody, we had snow back in October--just once, but enough to turn everything nicely white and last until about noon. Then we went back to rain, rain, and more rain.
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