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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Weekend Update

  • A note about my TBR pile, since I felt like apologizing to both authors that I hadn't gotten to some of their books yet: it's up to around 500 books now. I've read quite a bit less this year than in the past couple years--I'm only on my 256th book now--but I keep buying books. I'm afraid I'm going to have to get more ruthless than I have been.

  • It's been a frustrating, car-centric week here. Carl's BMW died--but not before he spent almost $500 replacing the distributor cap and wiring (combination of high cost of BMW parts--3 times what the equivalent parts for an Audi cost--and a dismal exchange rate). He's only had it for six months. If we'd had any sense, we'd have bought a new car with German specs when we first got here and saved ourselves the headaches.

  • This makes the third dead car this year: first the Audi died--which wasn't all that unexpected. It was old and had been poorly maintained, and we knew it. Dagny killed her Saturn, though, and that hurt.

  • We got our tickets for the LRMC holiday ball, in two weeks. I'm looking forward to it. My dress arrived, and it fits perfectly (and I've got cleavage!) and looks great. The lace shrug doesn't--it was made for someone with much narrower shoulders, but I've got a velour shrug that should do the trick, or maybe a shawl.

  • Since he's on the promotion list now, Carl finally decided to go ahead and buy a new dress blues jacket. He's needed one for a while, having moved the buttons on the old one as far to the edge as they can go. His old pants still fit, though--he's rather proud of that.

  • I'll post pix afterwards--we've decided to be brave and take advantage of the photographer there.

  • I've got a lot of my Christmas shopping done already--or at least ordered. Dagny's still a problem, though I've got some things. She wants cash, so she can shop herself, but it seems so impersonal. Still, if we get back to Texas this summer, it'll be her last Christmas in Germany for a while, so I'm tempted to acquiesce.

  • Carl and the boys are off to a model train expo in Kaiserslautern, and then Carl and I will be going out to dinner tonight. I think I'll show Curran how to make shrimp fried rice for the two of them for dinner, unless they get fast food while they're out.


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Goodness - sound like you've been very busy! I hope you be able to tied down and get everything done by than. And I hope Carl's car get done too.

Can't wait to see you move back home to TX in the summer. Maybe it'll be easier for me to come visit you, *grin*.

Take care of yourself and do plenty of reading. If not just enjoy spending time for "ME" day too. You need it :)
How very cool that the authors stopped by!! (My TBR is probably as big as yours, too. Yep. I know the feeling)
You'll be very welcome, Julia--assuming we DO get back to Texas this summer. Currently, it's about 50-50 whether it'll be San Antonio or Heidelberg, and now somebody's mentioned Stuttgart, and I'm about ready to pull my hair out. :) The car, I'm afraid, is D-E-D, dead. Would need to have the entire engine replaced, which would cost more than Carl paid for it. We're considering our options.

Susan, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one with an unmanageable TBR pile! And I'm (finally) getting an e-book reader for Christmas, so it'll be getting worse. Or better, depending on how you look at it. *sigh*
*gasp!* What do ya mean "assuming"? I thought it was final that you're going home next summer? I would've pull hair too if I don't know where I end up next summer too *grin*....

Let me know how you like your new Ebook reader, and I consider my option to go buy one than ;)
*sigh* Well, we're trying to get back to San Antonio, but the job Carl wanted there won't work out, so he's trying to find another one. And there's the option of a job in Heidelberg, but we're not mentioning that one to Carl's mom.
Oh no! Guess this mean it'll be until forever for me to see you :)

Heidelberg...in Germany? and why not let Carl's mom know? *grin*
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