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Thursday, December 13, 2007

TT #78

Thirteen Packages I'm Waiting For

  1. Order from Kohl's containing clothes for the boys and Carl. Every year an outfit is one of the Christmas presents. This year it's dressy clothes--shirts and ties and dress pants.

  2. TV season DVDs from Columbia House. This year each of the kids is getting a season of a British TV show. Carl's getting the 3rd season of original Star Trek.

  3. Stocking stuffers from Think Geek including a "don't drink and derive" button and a mini sock monkey. There's also a metal wind-up Bender for Carl, who collects robots.

  4. My December book order from Barnes & Noble.

  5. A sock monkey hat I ordered for Dagny from eBay.

  6. A Gundam model Camden ordered for his brother from Gundam Store and More.

  7. Another big order of DVDs from Columbia House. They had an irresistible sale--buy one, get the rest for 50% off, then an additional 15% off and free shipping. I got new releases and the average price per DVD was $7.80. You can't get used ones for that price. I admit, I think I went a little overboard.

  8. And then since I'd ordered so many movies from Columbia House, I had a whole bunch of Fun Cash, which has to be redeemed by the end of the year. So there's another package coming, including Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, which I'll have to arm wrestle Dagny for.

  9. A DS game from GameStop (through Barnes & Noble, because GameStop doesn't like APO addresses) that Curran ordered for his brother.

  10. Another package from Kohl's because the shirt and tie I'd ordered for Camden was out of stock. This one has the same one in a larger size, and a different one. I'm not taking chances.

  11. Two CDs by The Flash Girls I ordered from DreamHaven Books via the Neil Gaiman Online Store. This was simply the result of fan-geekiness. After reading Anansi Boys, I spent a lot of time browsing around Gaiman's website, and couldn't resist when I discovered they had Emma Bull's folk duo CDs available.

  12. A package from Omaha Steaks I'm having delivered to my mom.

  13. A big box containing a pig-face helmet for Camden from American Home Furnishing via Amazon which I had delivered to Dagny (nobody who sold helmets liked APO addresses) and which she's bringing with her when she comes on Monday.

Wow. I thought I'd have to cheat a little and include a couple of things that have already arrived, but yes, there are that many packages on the way. I didn't even include the books I ordered from eHarlequin.com, or the deliveries from my Zooba and YourMusic queues. Hope Carl gets a parking spot close to the mail room tomorrow.

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That's quite the helmet lol You've been a busy girl and have added new meaning to 'let your fingers do the walking' lol
Happy Holidays!
Oooh... packages... packages... I love getting packages! Yours seem like a lovely lot :)
Wow! Those are great things you are waiting for.
I hope you get everything soon! *wg*
I just love Think Geek. I hadn't thought about them for stocking stuffers though. I'll have to go check it out.
If you read my blog you'll find out I shop online so I DO get packages. I LOVE packages - it's such fun to get. (and I read e-books too - so e-harlequin is a cool place - that and ebookwise and fictionwise)

Happy TT-13!


So I take it your family doesn't read your blog? Or maybe you aren't letting them read it till after Christmas...
Enjoy all the packages. I'm ordering a bowling ball today. hope it gets here in time...
thanks for visiting me...
very good I only ordered one no 2 and they already camethanks for visiting:>
I love the brown paper package tied up with string...and must add...these are a few of my favorite things. I am on a first name basis with the UPS dude. I am not sure this is okay.
I love waiting for packages. Sometimes I think the anticipation is more exciting than opening the package! I hope everything fits, is not broken, and on time!

Happy TT!

My TT is up - A little kindness
I love getting mail. I hope they come soon.
There's a Gundam Store?!! That link alone was worth the visit!! Thanks and thanks for visiting my T13 #60: 13 Things I Want for Christmas But Will Never Get
You've been busy! Shopping online is so great though! Thanks for stopping by.
I love sock monkies!!
Give Carl a chance and send him out a little early! That's a lot of boxes for the lad to carry - congrats on finishing :-)
I love packages (and love your TT header!!)Talk about anticipation!!! and thanks for the links ::wink::
Happy thirteening!
I especially love packages when I have forgotten what I ordered. Woot for senility!
Wow, that's a lot of inbound stuff. I hope it comes in time for you to wrap it all!! Happy TT :P
I know my husband is waiting for a couple of packages but otherwise we're done. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.
Ooo...sounds like lots of good stuff coming to your house! :)
Sweet beans, I'm coming to your place for Xmas. I'm waiting on about a dozen as well, and for confirmations that ones I ordered have arrived to far flung places.

And funny -- I saw mini sock monkeys at the local indie toy store I went to this afternoon. Made me smile.
Going to the mailbox is going to be fun for you this year!
I LOVE ordering online 'cause then the packages show up at your house. It's the best way to shop, I swear.

Happy TT, babe!! No chance of a private situation for your clarinet player? That's just WRONG that he'll have to give it up, depending on where you wind up next.
I love shopping online too! Two packages arrived today, but I'm waiting on several more.
Ohhh I love getting packages! Hmm..where mine? ;)

I love shopping on-line too, and always love waiting for the packages. Or get surprise packages from someone hehehe.

Love your picture heading, it goes with your theme. And you sure have been a busy on-line shopper ;) Happy TTs :)

Holy moly, that's a lot of stuff!
Cool list, enjoy your packages. :)
Omaha steaks....UMMMMM.

But my favorite thing is, of course, the sock monkey hat!

thanks for stopping by mine!
Wow, that's a lot of packages. Hope they all come in time.

Star Trek DVD's, yay! I've got the complete Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and am now busy getting Voyager complete. After that I want Enterprise and the original series! :-)
Thanks for visiting my best wishes TT.
Babystepper--ThinkGeek is great for stocking stuffers. I think I got most of mine there this year.

Ellen--no, my family doesn't read my blog. If they only knew....

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC & Mar & Julia--thanks. I rather like the little brown paper package header myself. It turned out cuter than I'd imagined.

Dane Bramage--you're welcome for the link. I have to credit my sons with finding it, though.

Harris--doesn't everyone love sock monkeys?! :)

Doug--I ended up forgetting I'd ordered a DVD... and ended up with two of them. Senility's not all it's cracked up to be. :)

Carrie--cool! I'll save a few packages for you to wrap, then. :)

Susan--don't worry, we've got a plan. German kids don't have band in school--instead they have community bands/orchestras. We'd have to find him one and help him with his German, but he'll be able to play.

Tink--I suppose I'll have to start with TNG for Carl next. But maybe we should get rid of the VHS tapes first. I'd bought him over half the original series episodes on VHS, and now they're just taking up space.
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