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Thursday, December 06, 2007

TT #77

In honor of posting the TBR challenges, I found 13 books on my shelves that fit December's challenge:

13 Books with a Beverage on the Cover

  1. :
    Myth-Nomers and Im-Pervections by Robert Asprin

  2. :
    An Unladylike Offer by Christine Merrill

  3. :
    Full Speed by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes

  4. :
    Dead and Loving It by MaryJanice Davidson

  5. :
    Undead and Unappreciated by MaryJanice Davidson

  6. :
    Nice Girls Finish First by Alesia Holliday

  7. :
    Blondes Have More Felons by Alesia Holliday

  8. :
    Romantic Fiction by Melanie La'Brooy

  9. :
    Seduction in Death by J. D. Robb

  10. :
    If Andy Warhol Had a Girlfriend by Alison Pace

  11. :
    Temptation by Nora Roberts

  12. :
    All or Nothing by Claire Cook

  13. :
    The Garrett Files by Glen Cook

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Great TT! It's funny how I never noticed this before. :)
Wow, lots of books with beverages on the covers! My mom says the "Myth" books by Aspirin are very funny. :)
Another Nora fan I see. :-)

Happy TT!

My Thursday Thirteen: 13 men who give me impure thoughts
I don't think I've ever noticed that! Wow. I wonder why drinks are on the covers of books. I bet some great book guru would tell us.

Happy TT!
Very interesting. I love you you blew them all up for us so we would know for sure.
Now how clever are you?
Very clever.
Wish I had been so imaginative.
Thanks for takign the time to visit me.
Waving at you from New York
OMG, Darla!! That's a hoot!

I admire the hell out of you for going through all your books to find ones that fit the right theme. I'm looking at the stacks in here and groaning at the very THOUGHT of having to do that.

You rock, woman!

(yes, there will be more Springer to come at my place. Stay tuned!)
Wow, great post. How hard was it to find those??
Too funny! I never noticed beverages on covers before. Happy TT!
Very cute. I bet I couldn't do it with my collection.
LOL, good eye! I've never paid much attention to the beverages on book covers...

Happy TT!
Cool TT! I bet you had fun pulling this one together!
Darla - great idea! Maybe I use this theme for TTs next week :)

Funny how, with all the books you listed I'm only familiar or have read two of your books. Except I haven't really read Evanovich non Stephanies Plum series books yet. Like "Full Speed" for example :)

Happy TTs!
I loved your TT. Very creative. Thanks for stopping by.
What a clever TT! LOL! Who knew.
Interesting! Makes me want to pay closer attention to the covers!

What a range! I wonder if there's a marketing concept at work here....I'm kind of thirsty now!
Ha! Very clever! :) I'm going to pay more attention to things like that.
LMAO!!!!! Those are great! I never noticed it before. I wonder if that's a "romance" thing that appeals to women or something else?
Dragonheart: oh, they are. I'm slowly collecting the series, and they're very funny.

She's A Writer: what was your first clue? :) Yes--I have every single one of her books.

Babystepper: I kind of got carried away with that, but it was fun. There's probably a much simpler and less time-consuming way to do that than I used.

Just Expressing Myself: aw, thanks. Ironically, I'd intended this to be a quick and easy TT.

Susan: well, I avoided the stacks, and just looked through the shelves. As a plus, the shelves ended up getting dusted while I was at it!

Head Gaggler: it did take a while, and I went through about half the books in the house to find them.
What a clever TT! That had to take a while...
I love this idea. How fun! I don't think I even would've thought of a single book with beverage!
Very clever...that would have taken way more time than I could come up with this week, but I might have to have a look at the challenge...I'm usually up for a challenge.
Great idea for a list - I'll have to take a look through my own shelves to see what's there.
WOW! How flippin' cool! I think I need to pay closer attention to covers - I have a couple of those and never noticed the drinks.

Fantastic list!
Very cool idea. Great TT!
Those are great. Quite difficult to find covers all with beverages on it. Good find.
This was a great one to make me look at my books closer. It also made me curious about the Betsy Books and when the next one is coming out. I'll have to go check.

My TT is up now as well. :)

Happy Thursday

Great list, Darla! Enjoyed viewing the covers! :) I might have to go through my pile and see if there's any book which fits the theme...

Happy TT!
That's a pretty cool challenge. I was trying to think whether I could find even ONE such book and I can't think of any. I love the book cover memes---these make a really gorgeous pattern....

thanks for visiting ours: BN-Politics
I've never paid attention to that before. Cool!
Hats off! Love your close ups.
And i havent read any of them!! Shame on me;) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by....
OMG that is great! I have to say while covers are important to me as a reader and author, I find I always miss a lot of the details. I need to start paying more attention LOL!
You have eclectic taste in books. It's funny what you find on the covers if you just look.

Happy TT!
I LIKED this one! I love books and I like looking at the covers. Great find on the old Nora Roberts Harlequin one. Wow, she's come a LONG way.

Happy TT-13!


I haven't looked at books that way before, but it's quite interesting!
Thanks for visiting my animated movies TT.
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