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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rocky Road

**** Rocky Road by Anne Stuart. Contemporary romance.

Jennie MacPherson has spent two years away from the rat race on Muscatoon Island, working part time as a cook at the inn and living off her share of the Tom & Jennie's Ice Cream profits. She loves the island and her friends, but her biological clock is ticking, and she's beginning to realize she'll have to leave if she's to find the family of her own that she wants.

Enter Matthew Connelly, a burned-out cop renting the neighboring cottage for the summer to recuperate from a line-of-duty gunshot and the accompanying nightmares, and to decide what to do with the rest of his life.

Jennie doesn't know any of that, however. All she knows is that his sister asked her to look out for him, and that when she was there to greet him with a casserole, he shouted at her and made her leave. . . . And that she's very attracted to him.

Even 22 years ago (Rocky Road is from 1985), Anne Stuart was writing about the darker side of human nature...or at least she didn't ignore it or shy away from it. Not that Rocky Road is a dark story, or even a romantic suspense. I'm used to romance novel couples who are emotionally perfect, who never lose their tempers without a noble reason, who never do anything they might regret. These characters do, and it makes the book much more vital and real.

It is, though, clearly one of her earliest works. There are some threads that aren't fully developed, or that go nowhere. Jennie is a rather simple, sweet heroine, typical of the era, even if she does display a surprising temper.

Still, it's an entertaining, readable, and solid romance, and Matthew has enough depth for both of them.

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Good to know you gave this a fair grade :)

I notice you didn't read "Winter's Edge" yet and I think that would be the next thing I will read, since it is in my TBR pile. Plus am also going to read "Fallen Angel" as well. And yes I know you already read it :)

My reviews from my blog are slacking and I need to pick up the reviews, so am trying to read two of Anne Stuart's books (easy reading and faster)
Wow, I haven't came across or heard about this title, shame on me! I want this book since it was written by Anne Stuart!!!
This was my very first Anne Stuart, followed by To Love a Dark Lord, then Winter's Edge...after that, I got as many of her backlist as I could!

I really enjoyed Rocky Road...another early book, a silhouette, I think is Now You See Him...you could see where Anne got her idea for the Ice series from this one. Sort of like how you could see Nora had the seeds for the in deaths when you read the Night Tales.
Julia, I haven't found Winter's Edge yet. This summer I'm going to have to hit some UBSs, I think.

Sangeeta, that's part of the reason why I enjoy reading authors' backlists so much--seeing the seeds of their later work in the earlier books.
Definitely!!!!! Now if only I could get her very hard to find because they're out of print Dell books!!!!
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