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Monday, November 26, 2007


****½ War. Action/adventure.

Directed by: Philip G. Atwell.
Starring: Jet Li, Jason Statham.

For a change, Carl and I saw this--without the boys--at the Hercules. Caveat #1: I love action films. Caveat #2: This is not a martial arts film.

Which is fine with me--I love action films, regardless of what kind of action it is. Well, some action films. This is one.

After an assassin named Rogue killed his partner and his partner's wife and child, finding Rogue is federal agent John Crawford's (Jason Statham) raison d'etre.

Meanwhile, Rogue's (Jet Li) purpose is a little less straightforward. Presumably working for the Triad, it becomes clear that he's manipulating the Triad into an all-out war with the Yakuza.

So basically, it's tailor-made for me: lots of action, a intriguing mystery (why is Rogue causing a war?), some nice eye-candy (Jason Statham), and a couple of really good twists.

We'll be getting this one when it comes out on DVD.


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Cool! I just rented some good movies. But I'm always looking for more.
Darla - I have been WAITING to see this movie, ever since I saw the preview of it. I love action movies too and anything with Jet Li ANDDD....(yeah I stress it hehe) Jason Statham!

Glad to see you like the movie :) I want to ask whether if Jet and Jason turn out to be both "good guy" afterward but than that is spoiling it. So...I gonna hafta to see it for myself hehehe
Jennifer, I hope you enjoy it!

Julia, I thought you'd like it!
I just saw War tonight and OMG, that was a good twist! Didn't see that coming. But gee I have questions but I don't want to spoiled it here LOL

Anyway I truly enjoy the movie. It was good action and good twist.
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