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Thursday, November 01, 2007

TT #72

And now... a brief announcement

A short break this week from your regularly scheduled vacation pictures (hah! thought I was finished, didn't you? I've got at least 3 weeks' worth left.) to bring you the following announcement:
  • not this.

  • not this either.

  • it's not this, though it doesn't sound bad.

  • no, not this.

  • not this, either, but it sounds pretty good.

  • good heavens, not this.

  • certainly not this.

  • not here, either, but I'll bet it's warm.

  • this is just silly.

  • and sadly, for the males in my house, it's not this, either.

  • yes.

  • yes.

  • yes.
In case you couldn't follow the clues, the promotion list was released yesterday, and Carl was on it. And he did it the hard way--always putting his family first. Congratulations, sweetie.

**explanation: Colonel's bicycles, The Little Colonel, a Kentucky colonel cocktail (click on the picture to read the recipe more clearly), Colonel Mustard from the board game Clue, Colonel Red, Colonel Tom Parker, Colonel Sanders, Colonel Hill, Colonel Joe, Colonel Wilma Deering, and rank insignias.

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That's great! Congrats!
Congrats, colonel!!
So awesome! You must be very proud. Congratulations!
Congrats to Carl...that is wonderful!! Promotions are great for anyone:) What a great guy for putting his family first. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.
WOW!!! I knew right away what it must be...colonel that is so impressive and a reflection of a lot of dedication and hard work. Good for you for supporting him, and good for Carl that he put family first....

All good news fantastic!

Great to see you Darla, I really missed you and your blog. Funny, even though I was on an amazing trip and holiday...I really missed blogging. Now I know next time I need a laptop!

Whew. I thought we had a Colonel theme going here.

HUGE congratulations to Mr. Darla!!! And thank you for your service, too. It's appreciated by lots of us.

Happy TT, Darla! And no, sadly, Eric won't share his Smarties. I've been trying all day and now I've got a migraine. :(
That's wonderful! Loved the Wilma Deering poster. Ah, the memories. Beep-eep.
Yay congrats! You know, I'd not have guessed it though. I'm lousy at following clues. Hehehe!
Congratulations, what great news!!!
CONGRATS!! And that was a great TT.
Tell him I said...

CONGRATULATION to Colonel Carl!!!
How are you guys going to celebrate it :) The family must be excited for him :)
Congratulations! Is that what you call a full bird colonel? And why do we pronounce colonel with an R sound, anyway?
YEAH! Congrats to Carl and you, Colonel Carl's Chick :-)
What a great way to make an announcement. Brava to you and Bravo to Carl!
Well, congrats to the colonel, but I had no clue what in the world you were doing, LOL!
Congrats to the colonel!
Heck of a way to present it too.
Congratulations Colonel!! No wonder you're so proud. :)
Great TT -- congrats to the colonel, and you as well!

And in answer to Doug's question...it's the stupid English mangling yet another perfectly good French word. ;)
Congrats to Carl on his promotion and for doing it while still putting family first. I'm sure that is a very hard thing to accomplish while being in the military! I'm sure your love and support had alot to do with his success too! Congrats to both of you!
Happy TT! And thanks for visiting!
Wow! Congrats to you both! I can only imagine how proud you are! Thanks for visiting my TT. Happy Friday!
Wow! Congrats to both of you! :)
Congratulations to Carl! :) That is wonderful news!

My human dad figures he'll never be promoted, since he doesn't ask for postings that will help his career, but rather ones where my mom can do what she wants, and where he think he'll enjoy working.
Dragonheart--exactly what I meant by "the hard way." We've spent far too long in one place for family reasons--14 years total in Germany, 7 years straight in San Antonio, two years in Michigan in grad school, and it's a big surprise that he's on the list anyway. Hope things will work out that way for your human dad as well. :)
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