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Friday, November 16, 2007

They Went That-a-Way & That-a-Way

**** They Went That-a-Way & That-a-Way. Comedy.

Directed by: Stuart E. McGowan, Edward Montagne.

Starring: Tim Conway, Chuck McCann.

I bought the 2-in-1 DVD in the picture with a bunch of other oldies on sale from Columbia House. I watched this one with the boys while Carl was in Kosovo.

Bumbling small-town deputy Dewey (Tim Conway) and his partner Wallace (Chuck McCann) are tasked by the governor for a top-secret mission known only to the three of them (Dewey, Wallace, and the governor): go undercover in a prison and try to find out where a notorious bank robber hid his loot.

Hijinks ensue. And they get wilder when the governor dies, and Dewey and Wallace decide they'll have to break out of the prison.

There are some hilarious scenes, like Dewey posing as a dentist and having a bit of trouble with the Novocain, and Dewey and Wallace posing as a Japanese translator and his wife, respectively, but the humor has a distinctly different tone than current humor. I wanted to describe it as low-key, but that's not really it. It's definitely over-the-top, but it's quieter, somehow. Oh, heck, I don't know how to describe it. If you have any ideas, pretty please let me know.

Anyway, it was different from most modern comedies, and the boys and I enjoyed it. No real themes or anything, just fun silliness--kind of like an extremely extended skit from the Carol Burnett Show.


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