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Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday Morning Meme

One of these weeks, I'm going to realize that Monday morning is the absolute worst time for me to try to come up with a SBD post, and I'll write one earlier, so I don't have to resort to a meme every week. (Yes, I'm aware that nobody but me requires me to do one or the other.)

Meaningful Book Meme

How many books do you own?
That's a difficult question, since over half of my books are back in San Antonio. There are 129 on my desk. The last time I counted, there were about 400 in my TBR pile, and it's grown a little since then. About 600 on the shelves here in the computer room. Another 350 or so on the big bookcase in the hall. A couple hundred in boxes. Maybe another 50 scattered throughout the house--my under-the-bed stash, ones I've loaned to my husband or sons. Call it at least 1500 here. And then figure about half again as many back in the States, so maybe 4000 total? There are a lot, anyway. Good thing I've sold &/or given away a lot over the years, huh?

Last book you bought?
I just did my monthly book ordering, so it's a few:
Last book someone bought you?
Happy Aua: Ein Bilderbuch aus dem Irrgarten der deutschen Sprache by Bastian Sick, a picture book through the maze of the German language, which arrived last week from the fabulous Doris, to whom I owe an email.

Last book read?
I just finished Gypsy Heart by Sasha White. Currently reading The Teeth of the Tiger by Tom Clancy.

Five books that mean a lot to me?
I'm not tagging anyone today--or rather, if you read this, consider yourself tagged.


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