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Friday, November 02, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard

****½ Live Free or Die Hard. Action/adventure.

Director: Len Wiseman.

Starring: Bruce Willis, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Justin Long

We saw this at the Hercules with the boys.

What can I say? It's Die Hard, #4. I love these movies. Bruce Willis is still John McClane, but there's no attempt to pretend he's still the young guy he was back in...1988. 19 years ago?? God, I'm getting old.

Anyway, McClane takes on a teensy bit more of a mentor role in this one, as he's tasked to pick up young computer hacker Matthew Farrell (Justin Long) who turns out to be wanted by some terrorists, who are enacting a "fire sale"--completely disrupting the country's infrastructure--at least, everything that's controlled by computers, which is... everything.

There's some dad stuff, with McClane's daughter Lucy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) now a college student, using her mother's maiden name instead of "McClane," but she's still her father's daughter, and when the bad guys think they can get to her dad through her, that shows.

There's also some wonderful dialogue about the meaning of being a hero, and Matthew's development from a scared computer nerd to a hero in his own right.

And, as you might guess, there's action. A lot of action. Chase scenes up the wazoo, and extremely clever and inventive stunts, including hitting a hovering helicopter with a car. The action was just so much fun, I was laughing aloud in spots.

There's even the motivation for the bad guys that's been present in all but the second movie, which just rings so much more true to me than just "they're bad guys because they're evil."

It didn't hurt that Bruce Willis is aging well, and remains very nice to watch. (see my short list)

Overall, a fabulously fun ride with the everyman hero once again saving the world.


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Just saw this movie over this weekend and LOVE it. So many cool action stunts. And Bruce Willis always the right person to play in the role of McClane :)

Is there gonna be another movie? Or is this the finale series?
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