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Friday, November 30, 2007

Hero and the Terror

** Hero and the Terror. Action/adventure.

Directed by: William Tannen.
Starring: Chuck Norris, Brynn Thayer

I watched this in bits and pieces on video while exercising.

I normally like action movies, but this one... Danny O'Brien (Chuck Norris) was nicknamed "Hero" when he stopped serial killer Simon Moon, who ended up in a psychiatric facility. Afterwards, he spent some time with a therapist (Brynn Thayer) dealing with the nightmares, and he's now living with her, and they're expecting a child.

Simon Moon escapes the hospital and makes his getaway in an ambulance, which he crashes. Everyone wants to think he's dead, but when a woman disappears from a newly renovated theater, O'Brien knows Moon is back, but nobody takes him seriously.

Thing is, this could have been a decent movie, but instead, it's just dull. We're supposed to feel for Danny and Kay, and the "heartwarming" ending, but we never got to know them beyond Danny's nightmares and discovering that Kay had been his therapist, and that she's reluctant to marry him, but considers the relationship permanent. There's a scene in a restaurant on her birthday that I think was supposed to make us sympathetic, but she ends up looking stupid, and he's so laid-back, he's nearly comatose.

I'm not sure what the point of their relationship was in the film--him trying to have a normal life, maybe, but we never see him not having the normal life, and that normal life is never threatened. If Simon Moon had captured or threatened Kay, there might have been a point.

And what's the point of making her a therapist? She's a pretty bad one--his nightmares come back, and she just says it doesn't matter because she'd already cured him. Huh? And she's seriously out of touch with her own emotions, not even aware that pregnancy heightens them. And the biggie: a romantic relationship with a patient? Not a good thing.

As for the action plot--Simon Moon was a 2-dimensional villain. There's no reason for his actions, beyond "he's evil." O'Brien knows immediately whodunit, so there's no mystery or suspense there. He also decides, without any investigating, that Simon Moon is hiding in the theater. There is a search for him, but it's long and nothing at all happens.

Maybe my biggest problem was that there was very little action to distract me from the dullness of the plot.


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I saw this interview recnetly with Chuck NOrris and he was very charming.
He does seem to be very charming in real life.
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