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Monday, November 26, 2007

Gypsy Heart

**** Gypsy Heart by Sasha White. Contemporary romance.

After being wowed by Bound, I set about collecting Sasha White's backlist. This is the first one I've gotten to.

This is one of those books where "erotica" is in the eye of the beholder. The spine, however, says "romance," and so do I. Sure, there's explicit sex, but it's not more extreme or plentiful than in mainstream romances, nor is it more of a focus.

Sable Castle and Gage Dougherty are heading in opposite directions in their lives--put briefly, Sable is a good girl who wants to be bad, and Gage is a bad boy who wants to be good. Sable wants to take off, travel the world as a photographer. Gage wants to settle down and live happily ever after.

They meet at a bar where Gage's brother is celebrating his birthday and Sable is bartending. They're attracted to each other, but resist when they discover they want opposite things from each other.

If you haven't read many romances, this is a very good one to start with. It's a classic conflict of hero vs. heroine and it's sexy, and the idea of the hero being the one who wants to settle down is especially nice. On the other hand, I've read enough romances that this feels very familiar, if well-presented, so while I enjoyed it very much, it didn't have that extra something to make me love it.


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Hi Darla,

Thanks for the review, I'm glad you found some things to enjoy in GYPSY HEART. It was my first romance ever, and probably the only traditional romance I've ever written.

I'm thrilled you enjoyed BOUND too. I have several books with Berkley that are along those lines that you might enjoy more than GH, since they tend to be more edgy. I like to write the edgy stuff best, but occasionally I do liek to do a more traditional one every now and then. LOL

I hope you find more to enjoy.

Wow! Thanks for stopping by. Believe me, I don't hold GH against you--I enjoyed it, even if I didn't love it. I have probably half a dozen of yours, including Sexy Devil, which is on its way from B&N, in my TBR pile--I just haven't gotten to them yet. I'm looking forward to reading them.

Sexy Devil will be intersting for you. LOL I wrote the first story in it (The Devil Inside) right after GH. And it was an eBook fro a year from Liquid Silver Books. Then last year I wrote the second story and sold them as a package to Kensington.

My Aphrodisia stories tend to be more commercially romantic (for lack of a better term) than my Berkley Heat books. The Berkley Heat ones like Bound, Trouble, Kink and Wicked are more edgy like erotica with a bit of romance. LOL

Small differences, but I do think, as an author, it's important to sort of differeniate what I write for each publisher, even if it's just a little.

Let me ask you... as a reader, do you notice things like that? I mean, for some authors it's easy to tell because they write historicals for one and contep for another..or something like that... but what if they're within the same genre?

You're making me think...I like that! Thank You.
I'll probably have a better answer after I read a few more of your books, but I do notice with some authors--perhaps it's the ones who are making an effort to write different kinds of books for different publishers.

Personally, I think that's a good thing. I tend to buy books by author, and find that almost always, if I like an author's writing in one style, I'll like it in another. But it also makes it easier for those who prefer one style over another to pick and choose.
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