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Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Flashback

This one's from April, 2003. You can see the whole thread here.

Only by Your Touch by Catherine Anderson. Contemporary romance.

I'm enjoying these characters: Chloe, struggling to make ends meet and to make a good life for her son Jeremy, and Ben with his wild animal hospital and the protective shell around himself. The small town gossip cracked me up, and the sick puppy and asthmatic little boy tugged at my heartstrings. Quite a bit of emotion packed into those first two chapters.

Wouldn't you know it--I stay up late so I can finish reading, then I'm too tired today to be coherent.

It was worth the late night, though. Only By Your Touch was a very satisfying read.

Ben was a wonderful hero. Sensitive, tortured, a loner except for his mother who's suffering from Alzheimers and the animals he heals, he needed the right woman to brighten his life and crack the shell he'd built around himself.

Chloe was that woman. Although they're both wracked with guilt and trying to keep themselves from getting hurt further, they couldn't resist each other.

I really enjoyed watching events unfold, and learning more about the characters a little at a time. Ben's writing, the story behind Chloe's ex-husband, Ben's healing gift, Nan's illness, and even the reason for Bobby Lee's animosity--all the secrets were revealed in their own time, making for a very satisfying read.


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