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Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Flashback

It occurred to me that I've got a lot of reviews and comments floating around out there that aren't collected on this blog. Since this is where I go when I want to look things up, I decided to start adding some of the old stuff periodically.

A Little Magic by Nora Roberts. Paranormal romance.

Fairy Tales for Grown-Ups That's my impression of these stories. Er, not in the same way that Anne Rice's adaptations of Sleeping Beauty were fairy tales for grown-ups, though. The feeling is the same magical wonder I had when I read fairy tales as a child. It's lovely to see the first three in a volume of their own. I'm guessing that the story from Once Upon a Rose will show up in a later volume?
  • "Spellbound"
    It's a shame this story didn't come out four years earlier, when I was searching for a "C" name for my second son. "Camden" is fine, but it didn't grab me the way "Curran" did---why did it have to be a "C" name? um..... we sort of painted ourselves into a corner on that one. But I digress. You'll notice I do that now & again.
    Bryna growing up with Calin in his dreams, putting 1000 years of her future in his hands, the evil Alasdair.... Just magical. And so much fun watching the modern Calin come to terms with fate, spells, & magic.

  • "Ever After"
    This one's different, in that neither Allena nor Conal (seems I'm not the only one with a thing for "C" names) is... in on it? I know what I mean. Conal knows the legend, but doesn't believe it. Allena doesn't have the history, but is more open to belief. Can't resist this line: "I'm like a bowl of fruit."
    Once again, a fairy tale. Young woman who feels like a misfit finds a mysterious, magical pendant that leads her to a mysterious magical island that won't let her or the man who lives there leave. *sigh*

  • "In Dreams"
    This time it's Flynn in the know, and Kayleen whose dreams are invaded. This one would be my favorite, if I were required to choose. Fortunately, I don't have to.
    Time stands still. Isn't that the way it always is when you fall in love? *sigh*
Of course these fairy tales are all in Ireland. Where else would they be?? You can find the original post and the discussion here.


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