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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

coffee addiction

I snagged this from Carrie K:

I am 83% Addicted to Coffee

Oh, yeah. I'm not at all surprised. And this explains why I've been so crabby today--I ran out of coffee and have been drinking tea. There's enough caffeine to prevent the headaches, and I do enjoy tea, but it's just not coffee.



Interesting, Darla...I didn't know you drink coffee. What kind?

I like to drink coffee too. Sometime those latte or moocha drink at starbucks heheh. But lately mom buy the store brought one that come in package at the chinese store. They're good and I take them every morning.
Oh boy that is pretty addicted all right. I guess tea counts right...I'm 56% addicted.

I recently kind of cut back on how much caffeine I drink. Really now about two cups in the a.m. at most.

I love coffee but don't drink it at home or work...usually only socially.

that was fun.
Can you believe I'm anti-coffee? Don't care for the smell of the stuff but my addiction of choice is hot chocolate :) Slurp that stuff up.
Ha, I'm more into tea than coffee. ;)
**wincing** Well, I actually took this quiz about 4 months ago--I took a whole bunch of quizzes and then just stored them for days when I didn't have time to post something. And at the time, I drank a pot of coffee a day.

Now, I'm drinking zero coffee, and my caffeine is down to one cup of caffeinated tea (green, black, or white--I have a huge variety) a day, and the rest of the day, it's herbal tea.

I never liked the Starbucks-type coffees, though: too sweet, too thick, too much like dessert for me. I drank only Jacob's Kronung at home, with milk & artificial sweetener/sugar. (skim milk, much to my MIL's disgust, though if we were having guests, I'd get some 2% or whole milk.)
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