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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Walking Shadow

***** Walking Shadow by Robert B. Parker. Mystery.

I know, I keep saying I'm going to get the first books in this series and start reading them in order. But my last couple of book orders have been full of must-buys, and I really didn't want to deprive myself when this one migrated its way to the top of the TBR pile.

Susan is on the board of directors of a local theater, so when the theater owner says he's being followed, Spenser agrees to investigate as a favor to her. Between Spenser and Hawk, however, they can't find anyone following him.

Then during a performance of an exceedingly long, boring, and pointless play, one of the actors is shot dead with a .22 to the heart, and things start getting more exciting, with the involvement of a Chinese gang and the reappearance (or not) of the stalker.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one. The mystery was convoluted and complex, yet everything got tied up in the end, and the ending was.... (trying hard to avoid spoilers) .... dark and surprising. I love, love, loved the ending. In a way it was unsatisfying, but that just made me like it more. Gah. I can't explain without giving it away. Suffice to say it's not your usual mystery novel climax.

It was also a relief to read a book from a bit later in the series, with Spenser and Susan more comfortable in their relationship--they've just bought a house in the country, where they live together on weekends, maintaining their separate lives during the week.

By the way--don't be fooled by the relatively low rating on Amazon: most of the lowest ratings were solely for the audiobook's narrator.


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