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Thursday, October 04, 2007

TT #68

Thirteen Pair of Black Boots

I've been threatening meaning to do this for quite a long while. Rhian/Crowwoman's TT last week inspired me to finish it.

knee-high, lace up, with 3-inch chunky heels. I tend to wear these with short casual skirts
These are pretty much identical to boots #1, except that they come to mid-calf. I always wear them with this skirt... and this skirt is the only thing I wear them with. I don't know why.
Continuing the trend--same boots, just a little shorter (above the ankle), with a slightly shorter heel--about 2-inch. I wear these all the time. Too much--they're starting to fall apart. They're extremely comfortable and rugged.

These are my newest black boots. Ankle-high, 1.5-inch heel, lace-up and zip-up, which makes them quick to put on. I got them to replace boots #3, but while they work with jeans, they're not quite as rugged--I did get a more rugged pair, but they're brown.
I hardly ever wear these, though they're really cute--basically wrestling boots with 3-inch spike heels. Maybe now that I've reacquainted myself with them, I'll wear them more.

Stretchy boots with square toes and about a 2.5-inch heel. They're reasonably comfortable, and go with anything.
Stretchy suede boots with a 2-inch heel. Very comfy, versatile.
Another pair of stretchy boots--this one with rounded toes, 4-inch heel, and a platform. I don't wear them much, but they're good for (ahem) playing.

Above the ankle, 4-inch heel with a 2-inch platform. I've only ever worn these boots with these pleather pants, and I've only worn them once. See, we went away for the weekend...
Another pair I've worn only once. Ankle high, cute buckle, 4-inch spike heels. Impossible to walk in. These too are good for make-believe.

Leather and suede cowboy boots. They're cute, but I don't wear them much because they have very low heels, and they make me feel short.
These are breaking my heart. Black and brown cowboy boots (with a nice heel), and I always loved them, but I haven't worn them in a long time (wearing cowboy boots in Texas is like wearing a dirndl in Germany--you look like a tourist unless you have a reason to wear them), and I'd forgotten about them. And now the leather is dry and cracking. Wonder if I can salvage them?
I hardly ever wear these, because they're hard to walk in, but I think they're absolutely adorable. Hiking boots with 4-inch spike heels.

Heh. I didn't even include the black hiking boots, or the lined winter ones with spike heels and pointy toes that have the distinction of being simultaneously hideous, impractical, and uncomfortable (winter boots with spike heels??), or the cute cuffed ankle boots that I'd forgotten about until I was finished taking pictures, or the 4 pair that don't fit (check out picture 10--those calves only fit in certain boots, damnit).

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Wow - I have 2 pairs of black boots. One I wear with pants one I wear with skirts. LOL
I own one pair of black "booties". They barely cover the ankle, but they are soooo comfy and I wear them with everything.
That's awesome. I don't even own a pair of cool black boots. I don't count my winter ones. Happy TT!
Wow, that's a whole lotta boots there!
Man I love boots! I haven't had a pair since I was a teenager though. I have size ten wide feet and I can never find a pair to fit me right. I'm going to have to go looking again though.
Can you really call something with a 4-inch heel a hiking boot? *grin*

Happy TT

What a great idea for TT! I love them all, how do you choose what to wear? :)
Look up Roberta Weissburg leathers on Google and ask her if you can save the cowboys.

LOVE the boots!! I have a pair like #4, I think -- the replacement pair -- but they're now six years old and my trainers tell me its time to replace them. :( I don't want to, but they do make my leg and knee hurt. :(
I have a small shoe habit. LOL

Xakara: hee. I should say they look like somebody stuck a 4-inch spike heel on some very cute hiking boots. :)

HG: oh, there are very specific shoes for specific clothes. It's the one accessorizing thing I know how to do.

Susan: thanks for the tip! I'll check it out.
Wow. And I thought I had a lot of boots!
Wow... yeah, lots of boots there!
OMG, that's a ton of boots!
And yeah, I have footwear that's strictly for play too, but they're all shoes.
I am Teh Envious.
see, I would never have understood the need to own 13 pairs of black boots UNTIL I SAW this. And now I get it. They're nothing alike. Okay, some of these things are much like the others, but the basic mood is different for each pair.

Hey, you're responsible for me getting a fashion education today! Better late than. . .
What an impressive TT! what a collection of black boots! I have 3 pairs, only one pair is comfortable, lol!
Happy TT!
What awesome black boots! I have a pair of black boots, very utilitarian and so extremely comfortable I can't imagine how I walked before I got them ;-DD.

Happy T13, and thanks for visiting mine!
This is a great TT! I love #4, #7 and #13 the best. Funny about the Texans who don't wear cowboy boots. Here in Nova Scotia it's our provincial tartan. No one here wears it. But if you're away from NS and see someone wearing it, your heart goes all flippy floppy.
I always figured you for a sh!tkicker :)
Wow, you're the Boot Queen!
You wouldn't by any chance be addicted to boots, would you? I have only one pair of brown ankle high winter boots. I'm sooo not a shoe person!
I so seriously need to go shoe shopping - and the first item on my list is a good pair of cute black boots! Happy TT13 :P
Wow, so many boots! I like #1, #3 and #7. :)
I was into boots when I was a teen. But after my last pair wore out in 1993 I just haven't bothered to get any new pairs. Happy TT.
no fair. you have more black boots than me. i didn't think that was possible. I want 1, 4, 10, and 13!!!
3 and 4 are my style, but I love the wrestling boots. I'd probably break my neck if I wore them though. I'm pretty much banned from spike heels.
Great boots, Darla! My favorite is #6 but than all the other are great too :)

Happy Belated B13, and I hope you have great weekend ahead of you :)
Wow, I don't even have 13 pairs of shoes/boots in total! My calves don't fit into most boots.
Thanks for visiting my Tolkien TT!
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