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Monday, October 08, 2007

Small Favor

*****+ Small Favor by Jim Butcher. Contemporary fantasy.

I've said it before, but seriously--the man's writing just keeps getting better and better. The title of this book is Small Favor--because Harry still owes a couple.

What to say, to tease without giving anything away? Lots of action, lots of heart-wrenching drama, lots of humor, lots of surprises. Sorry--mum's the word.

How about this: my most frequent reaction to the book: "holy crap!" Said at least once a chapter. Of which there are 46.

It comes out next April, which gives you 6 months to read the first 9 Dresden Files if you haven't already (in order: Storm Front, Fool Moon, Grave Peril, Summer Knight, Death Masks, Blood Rites, Dead Beat, Proven Guilty, White Night). Teaser chapters should be up probably in February on Jim's website.


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Darla, this is just CRUEL!!

I KNOW that Butcher is goood, and the teaser chapters are a God send kind of torture, but now you tease even MONTHS before Butcher teases us himself. Have mercy, lady!

Doris in Munich * too broke, so I'm still waiting for White Nights to come out in pb, not to even think of Small Favors...
I have to agree - this is just mean! I am so jealous!
LOL, well, we beta readers get tortured for months (just imagine reading one of those cliffhanger chapters and then having to wait a week or more for the next one!), so I'm just passing on the favor. :)
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